Chengdu venture capital compensation fund

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needs of students in the beginning of entrepreneurship is not only the policy of some entrepreneurial support, but also require upfront funding for the majority of the student entrepreneurs, this is a particularly important aspect.

for the support of young college students to carry out entrepreneurial activities in Chengdu, Chengdu set up youth entrepreneurship financing risk compensation fund pool. The day before the introduction of the "Chengdu youth entrepreneurship financing risk compensation fund pool fund management Interim Measures" clear, youth entrepreneurship loans the maximum amount of up to 500 thousand yuan.

to support youth entrepreneurship, reduce the cost of venture capital, which produces to the youth entrepreneurship loans loan interest, included in the scope of the Chengdu Municipal Science and technology finance fund management approach, according to the people’s bank lending rates to calculate loan interest subsidy of 50%. After the maturity of the loan, the borrower fails to repay the loan on schedule, the overdue loans, the venture capital compensation funds shall not exceed 80% of the overdue loan principal and interest to the bank loan pre compensation.

upfront funding to help the majority of students entrepreneurs entrepreneurship, to help them solve some money problems, in the process of start-up, at the same time, can also give a lot of bad entrepreneurs in a business confidence.


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