College entrance examination to fill the voluntary counseling business to make money fast

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college entrance examination has ended, but the candidates want to go to an ideal university, is also facing the problem of college entrance examination. China’s exam oriented education so many candidates who strive for results, until the results really have a result, but do not know what to do next. Because of this, it will allow the college entrance examination to fill the big market, the pace of money is extremely fast.

big data to help you fill in a good university; experts one to one science volunteer……" Before the college entrance examination soon, along with the continuous hot weather in Xi’an, the college entrance examination to fill the market is also continuing to heat up the report, how to fill in the voluntary reporting of science has become the most concerned about the parents of the college entrance examination results announced.

many students and parents of the reporting which university and what kind of professional, how to avoid failing brains, many college entrance examination counseling agencies therefore emerges. The survey found that, in fact, as early as before the college entrance examination, many institutions have set up a channel for college entrance examination counseling.

However, these

qualified consulting agency advisory prices don’t have uneven in quality, heaven and earth, is less than the hundreds of thousands of yuan. There are some experts one to one consultation price is frequently tens of thousands. Astronomical consulting in the end it? Is it true that money can help candidates enter the ideal university?

college entrance examination voluntary counseling into business

after the college entrance examination, many candidates and parents really face a problem: how to fill volunteer.

6 on the afternoon of 8 may, just out of the examination room of a small piece of relaxed, but after a simple meeting with the students and farewell, the second day she and her mother began to estimate the scores and fill in the preparation of volunteers.

"according to the usual results, on one of the two colleges is no problem, but the test which university which professional advantage, is to read the local college or test field of University and I have children, do not have any clue." Zhang’s mother aunt Lee said. The results come out on more than half a month’s time, then the time is too hasty to prepare, let the child early preparation, it can not find someone to consult.

also started to prepare, and his classmate Liu Yong, "the child always wanted to test the Fudan University, according to the simulation test results, test is basically no problem, but I ask, University applicants beyond the points, but also by Toudang scores, college recruit multiple factors such as personal planning, plan." Liu Yong’s mother aunt Yang said. "That is to say, even if the child has reached the admission line, there are still a lot of uncertainty, so before the children’s college entrance examination, I consulted a two voluntary agencies to fill."

one of the voluntary reporting agencies, before the college entrance examination

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