Do business need to master the whole of commodity prices

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since it is a shop to do business, although the types of goods is more, however, if you want to get a good impression of the customer, so that business is hot, but also need to be able to grasp the nature of commodity prices. Although in the daily operation, due to various reasons do not remember or do not know the price of goods is a very normal thing.

but it should be pointed out: do not know the price of things, any one time in a year can be forgiven, but can not occur at the end of the year before and after the few days, (Note: the "price" mainly refers to the smoke; wine as the representative of the Spring Festival selling price of goods). The reason to say so, it is because the Spring Festival before and after the demand for such goods. A large demand, people will inevitably have to compare the goods and prices, which makes them the price of these goods is very clear and sensitive.

years ago I met such a customer: because you want to buy two bottles of wine can give; and fear of being, and finally had on our street seven grocery store asked all over one by one. Of course, this is not my original intention to write this article today, after all, like this only on the price of good or bad customers we can not afford to stay. In fact, here the "master commodity prices" is mainly to prevent the occurrence of such a situation like me.

Huang family is our a little sincerity of a customer, remember they just moved two years in the area near the head. Because don’t know the reason, Huang family in our store, it only occasionally to Huang daughter to buy one or two bottles of beverage. Fortunately, with a long time and understanding, Huang also began to buy cigarettes in my shop.

2012 Spring Festival, Huang also epoch-making in our shop made a special purchases for the Spring Festival back. After the play is from our home Laohuang and special purchases for the Spring Festival, this guest relationship seems to be a qualitative leap. Since then, Huang family not only what has come to the shop to buy, but also often introduce acquaintances come to our store to buy something. But this is not easy to build up a little affection, but I can not remember the price to break.

That is the end of the month this year

yuan a day, Huang’s daughter Huang Na suddenly went to the store to XX wine asked me: how much money to buy a bottle of this wine? Although in the quotation, I was not intended to make her how much money. However, because the wine is a few months to go forward; plus the wine has been sold in the local is not very good (from the back to the Huang asked that it will not even sell a bottle).

of course, I do more; forgetfulness is also one of the reasons. So, at that time, I still remember the wine in the proposed retail price, the other can not remember. I did not expect that I don’t remember this, actually give us and their relationship Huang guest I left a hidden danger.


doesn’t remember the purchase price.

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