Review of the 2016 Nanjing Municipal Housing unpopular market regulation the most difficult year for

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although 2016 has passed, but there is one thing in our minds is the price of lingering, that is, the rapid growth in house prices in 2016! In January 11th, the fifteen session of the Nanjing Municipal People’s Congress delegation group meeting, the Jiangning delegation to consider the government’s budget report and the draft, and the Nanjing City real estate bureau of the budget report. Nanjing City real estate Secretary Guo Hongding mentioned in the report, 2016 is the history of Nanjing prices rose fastest, the most popular market of the year, Nanjing is also the most stringent requirements of market regulation, regulation of the most difficult year, this year a total of Nanjing introduced 7 regulatory documents, in order to promote the healthy development of the property market in Nanjing.

Nanjing property market last year, how much fire? Guo Hongding gave an example to the delegates: "the light is Jiangning district last year, commercial housing transaction volume of 4 million 480 thousand square meters, the second-hand housing transaction volume of 3 million 250 thousand square meters, while the volume of emission in the upstream level of 13 cities in Jiangsu." Guo Hongding said that last year, Nanjing sold 145 thousand sets of commercial housing, is twice the average level of the previous five years, second-hand housing sold a total of 156 thousand units, but also a record high, the average level of the previous five years.

review of the 2016 Nanjing housing market unpopular, not only the market price is much longer, but also in the market to sell quickly, in fact, many of them are the behavior of the tenants! The price has gone up very fast, last year, Jiangning district housing price one or two months more than 20 thousand yuan / square meter." Guo Hongding said, for this reason, the government has introduced a large number of regulatory policies. General secretary also said that the house is used to live, not to fry, we have to fight against the bubble is also important, this task is very difficult." Guo Hongding said.

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