Electricity supplier into the rural youth entrepreneurship and rural electricity supplier developmen

May 29, 2017 | |Post a Comment

electricity supplier has now slowly approached the countryside, the development of the new countryside has been making people’s lives better and better, but also brings more entrepreneurial businesses, innovative young people are also willing to go home to discuss entrepreneurship.

2 10, the county occupation education center held the first rural youth e-commerce business activity in the six Zalman Spring Festival Party Ma Pai Town Village four village, the purpose is to promote the rural youth entrepreneurship matchmaking, my county young entrepreneurs cooperation in the field of e-commerce in rural areas, to explore a adapt to the trend of Internet development of rural e-commerce business the road.

six Ma Tun young rich leader Wen Xuanliang said: "we engage in this activity, hoping to gather popularity, to develop, to promote young entrepreneurs to communicate with each other, the more outstanding young talents to attract overseas workers to return home employment, the hometown of unique advantages of agricultural products, through the realization of the dream of business platform to build up the family fortunes."


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