Migrant workers returning home to start a successful chicken

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business in the vast rural areas is now not only need some courage, but also need to have a business mind, in rural areas there are many entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurial experience is worth us to study, then say the entrepreneurs who took a great legend.

hard road of entrepreneurship

with most girls choose the rural mountains, high school did not graduate, 17 year old Zhou Daoxia went to work, she worked in Shanyang County of Shaanxi Province, Shenzhen, spent four years doing workers, selling home appliances. For others to work, work intensity, long time, but meager income. Rush down a few years, there is still no savings. In the loss of her began to consider their own strength to create a cause of their own. Especially after marriage and children, with the increasing pressure of life, her desire to start more and more intense.

let chicken idea into reality, and not the biggest Everything is going smoothly., initial resistance from the family, she is going to do the farm of a proposed strongly opposed by his family. Scale aquaculture investment costs, high risk, where to invest! How to deal with bird flu? How to do not sell eggs? But "stubborn" Zhou Daoxia has set the mind, she finally thrown out a malicious words: either at home to do farm, or continue to work out! Thinking of only two years old grandson to take care of each other, her parents had reluctantly agreed, but the husband still does not support, over the years left her to go to work in Shanyang.

all things are all in the preparation of farm when he was only 25 years old Zhou Daoxia a person. Funding has become the biggest problem, the first phase of the investment needs of 180 thousand yuan, after looking for a multi person guarantee can only be credited to the loan from the credit union to $30 thousand. In desperation, her private loans to 100 thousand yuan, the monthly interest rate of more than one thousand yuan light. So much money is pressing, but also to build houses, buy equipment, buy feed, care for the chicks…… the woman under the huge pressure, every day at night.

in the first few months recommended

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