How to control the cost of beauty salon

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if you want to increase the revenue of a shop, not only need to continue to increase revenue, at the same time, if you can control the cost, which is to improve the store’s profits also have a very big help. In the current competitive environment, it is not easy to want to increase profits, therefore, for more operators, only from the cost above the start. So, beauty salon shop how to control costs?

1. beauty salon in the cost control to eliminate two errors.

is a store costs as low as possible, in a beauty shop in the cost management, many people often have a misconception, that cost control is to reduce the absolute amount of costs, this is a beauty salon Yuki the control layout understanding. In order to ensure the store service attitude and service quality, store costs in a reasonable level, not only to control the cost and reduce the quality of service and service standards, harm the interests of consumers, ultimately the shop lost credibility and market.

two is that the beauty salon shop is consumer sites, high price, high margin reflects the branch level, in fact this is a misunderstanding, beauty salons, high-grade, mainly for guests in the quality of its service quality and service standards, and are not reflected in the price.

2. beauty salon shop cost is a concept of change. That is, according to the development trend of the trend of change at any time to adjust the cost, rather than a few years or even ten years to implement.

it is understood that there are some serious decline in the beauty salon revenue from a few years to more than ten years to keep the cost of a fixed relationship. With the rapid development of hairdressing industry, it is a more feasible method: through appropriate management, the high cost of service, by giving full play to its advantages and high-quality hairdressing, service characteristics, characteristics of the project, that is the core competitiveness of the shop. Expand the beauty salon market, and actively participate in the ranks of the hairdressing industry competition, only by expanding the total operating income, relatively low cost rate to improve the beauty salon revenue.

3. to take practical measures to reduce the cost of materials used in shops, shop staff to standardize the Commission wage standards.

The variable cost of

beauty salon is mainly composed of the purchase price and the cost of labor. At present, the shop purchasing hairdressing material is basically used by the use of the Department, logistics procurement is responsible for procurement.

this division of labor has its advantages, but there are also some drawbacks, its outstanding performance is:

use departments tend to emphasize the quality of the material and ignore the price control, resulting in rising costs, in order to change this situation, we must first clear the beauty salon shop manager

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