How to run a fruit shop First determine the fruit store business model

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entrepreneurial shop what to do to make money? Of course, from the daily needs of people living demand. Fruit as a modern people’s home essential food, its consumer demand is very large, to open a fruit shop is a good choice. So how to run a fruit store? The first is to determine the fruit store business model:

how to operate a fruit shop? First determine the fruit store business model:

fruit stores compared with large supermarkets, convenience advantages, compared with the small counter, the advantage of honesty. However, consumers are most valued price was ignored by many fruit store operators. Convenience can not withstand the price, integrity can not win in front of the price. Therefore, the price is the basis for the survival of the fruit store.

, a senior business people, said the fruit store chain is the most effective way to reduce the price of fruit stores. Because once the chain, the size of the business is undoubtedly greatly expanded, in the purchase, the formation of the scale. This will not only be able to choose fruit suppliers to ensure the quality of goods, quality to win the consumer, but also in the price to get a greater discount, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the price. To achieve the chain, can be achieved through the horizontal joint between the stores, but also through the vertical integration of stores and fruit suppliers to achieve.

at the same time, to know how to operate a fruit shop, fruit stores should not be limited to the fruit to buy a sell, should be appropriate to increase the operating items. Join fruit fruit store is a shop business, this is the traditional tourist vendors are not the same, it needs more projects as a support, such as fresh fruit soup, Fresh Fruit Platter etc. have a direct relationship with the fruit of the project, to provide more consumer choice for consumers. In addition, the service is also the top priority of the store. Visit the fruit stores are generally regular customers, improve service levels, because of the convenience, will attract consumers to the nearest, and the customers tend to be the most loyal consumer groups.

how to operate fruit shop fruit store business plan:

how to operate a fruit shop program: a low-grade fruit and vegetable supermarket. Fruit and vegetable supermarket rents a area of 20-30 square meters of the store room at the farmers market or large residential area, rent for 200-1500 yuan / month; apply for business license, business tax and health management, monthly 360 yuan; make the dishes with open type multi-layer bracket; buy bamboo basket, food basket, plastic pots, plastic bags, plastic film, scissors, rope and other packaging about capital 900-1200 yuan; should also buy a small sprayer or sprinkler, sprinkler spray used to prevent water loss, dried vegetable or dried; and then make a bold move card about 200 yuan, 2000 yuan for liquidity, the total investment estimate 6000-9000 yuan.


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