Underwear stores which market positioning

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underwear is now selling more popular products, underwear brand is very much, if you want to open a lingerie store, then how to market positioning? In small series development direction grasp the market plays a very important role on the entrepreneurial shop, whether entrepreneurial success will be greatly affected, then we analyze this together.

lingerie store’s first investment. The focus of the investigation is the two sides of the funds. Entrepreneurs want to analyze the strength of the underwear enterprises from various aspects of information, while the underwear enterprises need partners to provide a certain amount of money. Such as agents and dealers need to come up with hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of funds to ensure that they have sufficient capacity to operate independently of a region or an area of the brand’s sales.

underwear store price positioning. As the retailer’s price positioning is the key to determine the success of the retail business, the opening of underwear stores, underwear retail price ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. The price seems to be different, in fact, a good business of tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of underwear just to meet their own product line design and production. Let us look at the manufacturer’s product structure, we can analyze the manufacturers of products mainly for what kind of customers.

and franchisees need to come up with a few million into the purchase price to bail out their purchasing strength. The chain in China has a history of nearly 10 years, in many industries are more successful, now open lingerie stores, franchisees often do not need to join the cost, but they will require a minimum purchase amount and the number of purchase. Purchase times are not the same.

to open their own underwear stores, to grasp the good market positioning, so as to better carry out business. I believe that according to the above details, you want to join the underwear shop investors have a clearer understanding of the situation, so as to better open.

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