Music as vice president creative thinking to the enterprise infinite vitality

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innovation that is able to walk in the forefront of the times, can continue to innovate the enterprise, will be in an increasingly fierce market competition in an invincible position. Xinjiang youth entrepreneurship employment service week, the president, as the music sharing his entrepreneurial thinking, to prove the advantages of innovation to bring unparalleled advantages.

23, Xinjiang’s first youth employment service week opened in Urumqi, a large coffee business site to share "the creation" (public entrepreneurship, innovation and pioneering new thinking) time series of keynote speeches, the scene aroused great interest of entrepreneurs.

LETV Vice President Al A Blimi is a · Lectra wood; 80, is now responsible for the music business planning global development strategy and innovation of enterprise strategic management. He is also the first Chinese Internet industry Uighur executives. "The creation of the era of advanced thinking, is an important reason for the sudden rise in the number of Internet companies in our country, innovation in the front, the enterprise will have boundless vitality." He said confidently.

in employment on the theme of the forum, in the electric energy saving technology limited liability company chairman and CEO Bai Yunfeng in the theme of "entrepreneurship and pattern" analysis of the current situation of the China entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial pattern of Beijing national energy. Beijing artery Internet Technology Co. company founder, CEO Zhao Long, and the Xinjiang Kashi Vergy Dani trading company founder and chief operating officer of the company · wheat moti; Seoul sun also shared their own entrepreneurial experience. Several outstanding entrepreneurs also interact with the audience to encourage young entrepreneurs dare to break through, innovation, entrepreneurial success as soon as possible.

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