How to open a home underwear store location

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paid more effort, the choice of brand product quality no matter how high, but only if the location is not in place, leading to the cause of affected, there will be countless investors tryin ‘pain". So, if you want to open a successful underwear chain, naturally also need to do a good job related to the site. So, how to open a home underwear store location?


Chen intends to open a chain of underwear, now fancy two facade. A commercial street in the vicinity of the clothing store is more concentrated. Another in the factory next to, there is only a primary school and a few small shops selling alcohol and tobacco, rent a lot cheaper, almost only the former one of 1/3, and close to home. Because the funds are limited, but also consider the purchase, so she did not know should choose to take a lot of shops.


In fact,

underwear store location is very important, almost can determine the survival of the store. Under normal circumstances, women will choose to buy Women’s clothing and lingerie shops concentrated clothing city and Commercial Street, because there are many alternative clothes, there are more. This is also determined by the psychology of women shopping. Therefore, we should consider the choice of the former.

as for the problem of insufficient funds, although the shop early investment is many, but some can be tricky way used in the decoration, such as the first store painted clean, this can make the store clean, also can achieve better effect and less money. At the same time, underwear store decoration can use the mirror, so that can make the shop looks bright and spacious. May wish to invest more in the fitting room. Clothing, the appropriate placement of the model will make your clothing store a lot of color.


small simply through a case of a resolution, but enough to let us see, if you want to start a successful lingerie chain, if you are in the shop location above met this problem, then, according to Xiao Bian recommended location.

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