Knowledge of home furnishings store

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modern people are very focused on your own home furnishing environment, so open a home jewelry store is a good choice. But there are a lot of home jewelry store need to pay attention to matters, and now Xiaobian to give everyone a little knowledge about the relevant knowledge.





group purchase if you want to do better business, we need to expand the customer group purchase team. Creative products with practical and gift double value. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to young employees, at the same time, all kinds of publicity and internal activities are very frequent, if can establish contact with these companies to become creative products or gifts souvenirs Corporate Events, is also a good marketing channel.

1, shop recruit settings. Try to give people a strong visual impact, the color can be red or yellow, shop area to be designed to be large and exquisite, and do not hang too high.

2, entrance design. 20 square meters of shops with 1 entrance, to be placed in another direction of the cashier; in no circumstances can the window, open the entrance, but also can better display the store layout; the store should have 2 channels, shopping.

3, spatial layout. Store layout generally consists of two basic space: first, commodity space, such as counters, windows, shelves, platforms, etc.; two is the clerk and customer space. Windows are transparent glass doors, according to the size of the store design different layout >

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