How to join the joy northeast dumplings

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a word of "not as delicious dumplings" tells the important position in the hearts of the people Chinese dumplings. It can be said Chinese dumpling is one of the most love to eat food, a good reputation of the dumplings forever do not have to worry about traffic! Joy northeast dumplings Museum adhering to the "people-oriented" principle, carefully for the majority of customers and partners, to cater to different consumers demand! Joy investment in Northeast dumplings small business, low risk and quick return of investment. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!

hi northeast dumpling hall join conditions:

1, in the business philosophy, operation mode, management system and other aspects of the Northeast dumplings dumplings headquarters and reached a consensus with the headquarters management.

2, with certain capital and management experience.

3, with good social resources and public relations.

4, with brand awareness, keen on the service industry.

hi northeast dumplings Museum join process:

1, consulting joy northeast dumplings to join matters.

2, visit visit headquarters.

3, visit the taste dumplings.

4, read the details provided by the company.

5, project negotiations, fill in the joy of the Northeast dumplings Museum intention to join the application form.

6, review of the Northeast dumplings dumplings to join the application information, signed a contract of intent to pay deposit.

7, assist site selection, business district investigation and evaluation.

8, signed a formal joy northeast dumplings franchise contract.

9, headquarters to provide decoration design, supervision of store decoration construction.

10, headquarters to assist restaurant staff recruitment and technical and management training.

11, headquarters to provide tableware, clothing, materials and other supply support.

12, headquarters free home for business guidance, tracking the business situation, put forward rationalization proposals.

13, headquarters in accordance with the joy of the Northeast dumpling shop franchise business conditions, the operation of the dumplings to regulate and adjust the

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