Listen to the voice of Guiyang in the era of big data

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living in the era of big data, all around the integration of favorable resources to promote the rapid development of the local electricity supplier projects, Guiyang in the big data cusp, and constantly looking for innovative ways to embark on the peak of wealth.

held in the days before the "2015 Guiyang international data industry expo and the global big data era Guiyang summit, Guiyang put forward a series of ideas —

for the development of large data industry

5 on the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, the breeze, green tide, fresh and pleasant.

5 26, "2015 Guiyang International Industry Expo and the global big data era of big data summit in Guiyang opened, Guiyang international platform once again, a big data era of" Guiyang sound".

2013 known as the first year of big data. Since then, the big data industry in Guiyang as a stick to the bottom line of development and ecological two, to build an upgraded version of the economic development of the strategic pillar industry to grasp. In less than 3 years, the city played a series to promote the development of big data industry combined with success, Triumphant news keeps pouring in.:

– successfully declared "national big data industry development zone", "China broadband", "wisdom city", "national mobile e-commerce financial technology service innovation pilot city" and a number of demonstration pilot;

– Chinese data center industry alliance was awarded "the most suitable investment data center city";

– the total size of the city’s big data information industry reached 66 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 68%, accounting for Guizhou Province, more than 40% of the total; the total number of the city’s big data and related enterprises have more than 2000 households, only the year 2014 increased 843 households……

seize the opportunity

towards a win-win way

is located in the hinterland of Guizhou Guiyang, on the one hand, the environment pleasant, cool climate, geological stability, earthquakes, typhoons and other disasters are rare; on the other hand, the ecological environment is fragile, once destroyed, recovery is extremely difficult.

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