British Airways steps closer to its American dream

August 17, 2019 | |Post a Comment

first_imgBritish Airways is a step closer to realizing its long-held dream to merge with American Airlines, after DoT gave the carriers a tentative green light to expand their transatlantic alliance. The DoT said it granted antitrust immunity to members of the Oneworld alliance-American, British Airways, Iberia Airlines, Finnair and Royal Jordanian Airline. According to DoT, the proposed alliance would enhance competition in the airline industry “by creating competition with the existing Star Alliance and the SkyTeam alliance, which already have been granted immunity.” The approval carries certain conditions the airlines must meet “to protect consumers and preserve competition,” the agency said in a statement. As a condition of approval, DoT proposed that Oneworld make four pairs of slots available to competitors at London’s Heathrow Airport. The DoT ruling was slammed by rival Virgin Atlantic Airways whose president Richard Branson described the draft conditions as “a complete joke.” Virgin’s Branson said that following the deal American and British Airways would share 47% of the slots at London Heathrow. Branson urged the European Union to impose tougher conditions on the proposed alliance to protect consumers. <a href=”” alt=”last_img” />

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