Operating stationery store location must be accurate

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stationery industry is indeed very fierce competition, although the successful operation of a store will involve a lot of skills. However, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need to have a correct location. So, operating a stationery shop, the site must be accurate, so as to ensure the successful operation of the stationery store.

Li Xiaoxi’s seven straight chain stores, there are open in the vicinity of the school, there are open in the business district or administrative district, every family business. In addition to supply is fine, select the right location.

shop choose to do business without meaning say, that is, the stationery shop, the shop site where? Li Xiaoxi think, to pay attention to several aspects:

1. large passenger flow is not equal to sales. As stationery has a fixed consumer groups, to copy the majority of staff and students, so the site should pay attention to relying on office buildings, office buildings and schools, rather than a large flow of people on a certain good business. At the same time, the selection of rental stores, to avoid those downtown, but also for sales to bring greater profit margins, but also reduces the operating risk.

2. surrounding environment and consumption capacity is the focus of consideration. As consumers, choose to enter the stationery store is the first evaluation criteria. Imagine, in the garbage heap, or dusty, noisy shops, who would like to stay in the store? Even if the store has a taste of stationery, consumers may think: how can such a bad place to have a good commodity to buy it! Whether to provide customers with comfortable environment is the first factor to be considered.

stationery store location, but also to observe the surrounding consumption capacity, such as the company, focuses on the administrative area, the school area is the preferred target of fashion shopping malls, stationery toy city, students special products market. These areas are generally a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, clean streets, commercial service facilities and not noisy, and the focus of many fashion consumers, mostly young students or young parents, these people have very strong consumer demand, basically impulsive spending, the pursuit of fashion is the pursuit of quality stationery they are the backbone of stationery, consumer. Other such as whether there is a large supermarket, whether there are more places of entertainment is not important.

3. shop area is reasonable and whether the conditions of long-term operation. According to the size of the business district, the rational planning of the area of the store, so as to ensure better display of goods. In general, the store does not need to store style too wide, two or three meters more appropriate, but there must be a certain depth. In the decoration, can be simple style, but the shelves should be reasonable to give people have to go shopping, shopping convenience feeling. Don’t be so crowded that customers don’t even turn around.

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