Awesome Minecraft timelapse video shows the creation of Penn Station

September 1, 2019 | |Post a Comment

first_imgOne of the best things about Minecraft and other games like it is that you can make just about anything. As long as you can find a way to mine or make it, you can build it, and this time-lapse proves the point.One group of Minecraft players decided to build a massive train station complex inspired by New York City’s Penn Station, and even though it was a massive undertaking, they did it.The train station project took three days and an entire server full of Minecraft players to build. While the players who uploaded the video mention that Penn Station architecturally inspired it, it looks very much like the actual terminal. The final product has four expansive courtyards and a main concourse that’s analogous to where the shops, ticketing counters, and eateries are in the real station.Of course, the station wouldn’t be a real version of Penn Station without the huge underground space where the trains pull in and depart, complete with individually labeled tracks and an overhead walkway where passengers can move to between tracks without crossing them.The entire project is impressive on its own, but watching the time-lapse video gives you a real sense of how much work the whole project must have been. You see players zooming all over the map building the foundation, digging the underground tracks, building the walls, and even arranging the stands and decorations along the concourse so everything looks just right.Even though it took all of three days to complete, we don’t have a good idea of how many people were involved in its making, and if the video is any indication, players were working on it all day and all night long.If you manage a Minecraft server of your own, you can download the textures used for this project over at the Minecraft forums, and support the players that did this.via YouTubelast_img

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