Prospects for the development of China’s website station

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China’s Internet has experienced and is experiencing a process from elite to public. In the early days of the Internet, its entrepreneurs and practitioners were almost regarded as experts. At that time, even the people on the Internet are all calling for "experts", make a fetish of. But once upon a time, the Internet into the homes of ordinary people, adults, children have become experts online". The mystery of the Internet has been unveiled. With the popularity of the website of knowledge and a variety of CMS, especially the number of ordinary people through the website business experience and build up the family fortunes fame has been more and more, people do not meet in the Internet "audience", have been eager for a fight, into the ranks of the establishment. At present, China’s land is setting off an unprecedented upsurge of Internet start-ups and gold rush. In this climax, there is a spectacular phenomenon, that is, "site station" of the meteoric rise.

The rise of

"site station" has adapted to the needs of people on the Internet and is the product of the market. The Internet is a vast ocean, where people need to surf and swim in great need of "guides", especially in china. "URL station" just assumed this role. It can be said that the emergence and prosperity of the web site in China is the inevitable development of the internet. In this process, some web site civilized business, always rely on high quality service to win users, become "big brother". Some web sites, through rogue means, illegal invasion of Internet users eyeball, seize user desktop resources, completed the original accumulation, the momentum of development is aggressive. Many more small web site not far behind, spare no effort to catch up, I grab a cup of soup. Looking at the web site, there are roughly several features:

first, the position is more consolidated. Since the Internet site is a guide for Internet users, it has become a starting point for many Internet surfers. This is the advantage that many other websites can not compare with. The irreplaceable position of the "surfing point of departure" makes it attract the attention of Internet users and businessmen, while ensuring a large profit margin for its successful operators. Now, no one has argued that the Chinese need no more web sites. Recent online surveys (not yet finished) show that 50% of Internet users regularly use web site navigation, and more than 80% of Internet users believe that web sites are helpful to the Internet, and this is also confirmed.

two is growing rapidly. At present, the competition has become one of the most numerous, the fastest growing and the most widely distributed websites. There are both large companies and small workshops at the website. Its operators from entrepreneurs to self-employed, all over the social strata. If the Internet is a new media, no media has so many ordinary people in its construction. The website has become the most convenient form for Chinese to participate in the Internet and share the Internet, and the development of the scene is very lively.

three accelerates innovation. Without innovation, there would be no prosperity of today’s Web site. In 2007, particularly since last year, as the site has become more competitive, its operations and management innovation has also accelerated significantly. From single navigation to extended functionality, from bounds >

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