Simple 5 strokes, to avoid the fate of the site was black

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is a stable and secure website operation environment, website optimization is based, and today we chat, how to protect the site safety, this paper mainly focused on the common web intrusion prevention techniques, if you have good protect website security skills, can leave a message and tell me, constantly updated.

chooses a powerful IDC

webmaster general very hard to make money, so the money is over, but in fact to say, brothers! Just buy space, must choose the strength of IDC, or when you spend the effort to do out the site, flow rise day by day, the space suddenly hung up, let your heart has to die, so don’t cheap, good steel used in the blade, the blade is the purchase of space.

recommend: new net, fast net, Tiger wing, Xing Hui, these four I have used, feel pretty good, at least service response is very quick.

try to use the mainstream CMS, and pay attention to upgrading

personal webmaster 80% program, is two times the development of a variety of CMS, so as to your website to find a more reliable CMS, this will enable you to save a lot of time, and the monthly to CMS official website to see, have the latest updates, timely play.

recommendation: ASP’s new cloud, PowerEasy, foosun, PHP, Discuz, Empire.

as little as possible open or not open, upload function


sites have been hacked by someone not know the password, but a webshell upload station was taken, so carefully open the website upload function, if you need to open it, but also to the users into the credit rating, to make sure to upload files, verify whether the algorithm completely.

: for uploading pictures, it is recommended to turn off the FSO permissions for the images (picture folder).

database, background default modify

For the

database, background address this confidential documents, must modify the file name, do not use the default, or many small hackers, with the default /admin/admin_index.asp address, in the online search, so the database and backstage address must be modified.

: if access is proposed to amend the database after the stamp is.Asa or ASP, to download and try the database file name, including the # special symbols, increasing the difficulty of crack.

backup at least once a week,

don’t believe that no danger of anything going wrong don’t believe the space, the backup, because these words not only make you numb, no other action, I never put the important things, only give others custody, so make a backup site good habit, can make the loss to the lowest.

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