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"one of those things" interaction design is finished, thank you all for your care and support, is a lot of forwards in the micro-blog era and share, also let me get some emails, I asked the why not? Please forgive my laziness, every weekend to find a lot of excuses dragged again last weekend in home keep two days of disease – to remind friends, change garments according to the season, drink water more, rest more, less sick.

1. Theoretical premise

1. theory of human-computer interaction and human information processing mechanism

since product design is not for designers, but for users, how they understand, recognize and use products is the most important. Therefore, defining users, understanding users, and researching users are important tasks that need to be done before interaction design.

wants to understand three different models: implementation models, user psychology models, and performance models. The essence of "book" interaction design (English Name: about face3.0about face3.0), author Alan Cooper wrote: one of the most important goals of the designer, is to make the performance model and the user’s mental model as close as possible, so that designers can understand in detail the target users think "how to use the software" is the key.

Figure 1: implementation model, performance model, user psychology model,

let’s take a simple example to illustrate the above theory. Circuit board…… An ordinary family woman uses the circuit board many times a day, inserts soya bean milk machine in the morning, opens the microwave oven, opens the electric rice cooker, has washed the hair, inserts the hair dryer, in the evening presses the bright desk lamp…… All she had to do was to keep the plug in the power supply and turn on the appliance. If you interview her, "do you understand how these appliances work? Do you know why electricity is available,


unless she is a physicist, or she may have given me the same answer: and I thought I would just insert the plug, switch socket is connected, the current will from a central station Everfount input to the wire, and then start my appliances. Yes, I think of the same experience as infusion…… The current is fed into the appliance just as the liquid in the infusion tube is.

but in fact, this simple action has a very complicated circuit behind it…… Please forgive me, I can’t describe the work at all. It might be like the circuit board on the left in the picture below…… However, the practical principle is even more complicated than this. I don’t know that, but my knowledge is wrong, but it doesn’t stop me from using electricity". Because the designers gave me a simple plug and socket, as well as a variety of simple switches.

Figure 2: compare the model board with the user’s mental model plug


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