HCP Moroccans Health Coverage Depends on Gender Age and Geography

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Rabat – The report outlines the population’s access to medical and pension insurance, based on the results of the 2017 National Employment Survey.Nearly half of the Moroccan population is covered with disparities by gender, age and place of residence.Out of an estimated population of nearly 34.8 million in 2017, 16.2 million Moroccans (46.6 percent) have medical coverage, 15.5 percent are subscribers, and 31.1 percent are eligible or beneficiaries. The share of women is slightly higher than that of men, 47.6 percent and 45.5 percent respectively, and that of urban residents markedly higher than that of rural residents, 53.4 percent and 35.5 percent respectively. The medical coverage rate is 56.7 percent among people aged 60 and over, compared to 37.1 percent among young people aged 15 to 29.Read Also: Morocco Determined to Extend Health Coverage by 2020 with WHO SupportThe medical coverage rate varies from 47.4 percent for people living in male-headed households to 41.1 percent for those headed by women.The rate improves considerably with the level of education of the head of the household, from 39.3 percent for persons living in households where the head of the household has no education at all to 78.2 percent for persons in households where the head of the household has a higher education.Read Also: insufficient Oral Healthcare: An Overlooked Public Health Crisis in MoroccoAbout 4 out of 10 employed people aged 15 and over have medical coverageThe employed labour force is estimated at 10.7 million in 2017. About 4.6 million people (42.7 percent) have medical coverage, 35.2 percent are members, and 7.5 percent are beneficiaries.47.1 percent of employed working women have medical coverage compared to 41.3 percent of men and 51.6 percent of urban residents compared to 31.8 percent of rural residents. This rate rises from 35.3 percent among employed workers with no qualifications to 78.5 percent among those with a higher level qualification.

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