Taobao customers make money, there are doorways, you know

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to establish their own websites to Taobao customers has become the main direction of most of the webmaster Wangzhuan, but others looked at the sun with their monthly income than it would feel than others a lot, then I give you an analysis.

many do Taobao guest webmaster feel very depressed, the situation is nothing more than these three kinds:

1. site has no traffic;

2. site traffic is large, but no income;

3. big flow station income, but less traffic, less station income.

in fact, the three cases, in the final analysis, is the product selection is wrong, and ranking is not good enough. First, choose the right product, if it is a low price products, but the search volume, sales volume is large, the product can be pushed to small profits, high priced products, the commission rate is low, but also sell one can earn 2 and 30 dollars are worth doing, the search volume, sales commission also high it is perfect.

choose a batch of products and then look at the competition, Baidu search found that the first page is Taobao guest website, you do not have to do, unless you have a grasp to the first three, or even if there is traffic, people buy the money is not yours, don’t ask me why, this is Ali mother. Some people search words but no Baidu index, these words are not necessarily useless, I have a station on the index of the word is not now, one day there are 30 IP, and is a very specific keywords, so the conversion rate is high, because no index, so the competition is almost No. So, mainly for their own ability to grasp SEO, if the ability is good, of course, choose profiteering products to do, the ability is not enough to give priority to choose a small competition, after all, less profitable, better than do not earn.

the next step is to optimize the website, at present, the station group + the chain is a very good way to make money off the Taobao website, the station group do not necessarily sprocket, as far as I am concerned, station group software is used to automatically update the article. Because we can not hope to vote in one or two stations, but should enlarge the net to catch big fish, more than one site on more money, so that artificial updates of the article is very unrealistic. I now have 30 stations, all by the station group + outside chain mass do, and monthly income is quite impressive.

is not afraid to say, my chain with bugs, should be a lot of people know, then I use earth stations even stations, recently out of the free, because at first I couldn’t put so much, after a period of time that is good. When the station group is updated, set a good time management, fixed time every day, a station to establish 4 columns, a column, two hair a day, this frequency is just fine for Taobao guest website.

home page title is still the main keyword, and then in the page layout and some of the main keywords, the bottom with keywords to the home page. When the page sends the article, use random insert keyword to point to home page, article title adds keyword occasionally, upgrade first

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