Read backward administrators, Jiang Jiang article has a sense simple is king

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      as you all know, Jiang is the administrator of, is a leader in the personal webmaster, today did not want to see outdated articles, web site to professional, but also more simple.

at this point, the "simple king" slogan, may not be accurate.

my feeling is very deep, I do BBS time is about 3 months, 100 Valley included normal, although the server has been closed for 7 days, or still stand. The main reason is that the content of the original forum, so the search engine is not willing to abandon me.

forum as the beginning of the mood and everyone else, we must fix the forum, the operation of their own forum is very promising, there is development. If you do not do garbage forum, should be the same mood, so I put all the settings of the forum is very good, explained in great detail, full confidence in the beginning of the forum management road. But do really is not easy ah, the content is better, manpower is yourself, as a father and a mother’s day and night. Finally enough to do a lot of original content, video tutorials plus a secret, we all know, now SkyDrive can freely provide web site, not encrypted, their BBS is not popular. The result is not satisfactory, there are always asking how to obtain membership broadcast password, how to authenticate, why the forum cannot be landed, I was actually zhidingtie.

at this point, US website home success, do early is on the one hand, but easy to use is in everyone’s mouth, the network after all or novice, it shall not be any complex, so we make the website to be simple and practical, good enough, not too much, do not force fee please. For example, the forum, with the default is good, popular here, can also be changed in the content first, my domain name is not good, you can not remember, but we are the favorites.

also experience is simple but professional website, content is probably related to the master level, my forum now the implementation of the charging system, not expensive, but the biggest advantage is not how much money you can earn, you know, the advantage is that you fix your users the group, he will pay close attention to daily spend money to buy things, the money is not much, meaning that. But the premise is that your site is readable.

initial stage, the suggestion that forum construction says to everybody, say everybody listen tentatively.

1, install the forum, set up the basic function is good, there is no need to press a plug-in

2, registration should be simple, it is best to direct the book user name and password, the best

3, don’t make any restrictions,

4, you said no, not afraid of water, the traffic is not what big danger, do not limit any reason is that the network of people is not an idiot, you know the value of resources, you do not give him, he has the ability to hold, just lazy. For the novice to do not have the ability, then I tell you not to leave it, not a few people.

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