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first_imgWe’ve talked a few times about iRobot’s tiny Scooba 230 floor washing bot. The 6-inch diameter robot is built for negotiating tight spaces and keeping your floors, be they tile, linoleum, or treated wood, as clean as possible. It does this without any moving cleaning parts, rather it just scrubs away with numerous bristles and moves in cleaning motions. Its algorithmic approach to cleaning makes sure each part of the floor is covered multiple times.The time-lapse above shows the Roomba 230 doing one complete cleaning cycle in a small-ish bathroom. The complete cleaning routine took about 30 minutes and, as you can see, left the room pretty much spotless. If anything it didn’t clean the grout thoroughly, but you need some real elbow grease do to that, which is beyond the capacity of today’s home-use robots. The rest of the floor was thoroughly cleansed with a combination of water and iRobot’s enzymatic cleaner.AdChoices广告If you are curious about the time-lapse, it was taken with a Canon A620 digital camera running the CHDK firmware and an intervalometer application. The only other equipment necessary was a tripod, and then the software tools to combine the 631 images taken for the time-lapse into a video. Adobe’s Premiere Pro does this extremely well, but there are lots of other programs out there that can work with numbered stills.last_img read more