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first_imgWhen you’re away from your family and loved ones, one of the best ways to communicate for free is Skype. With that in mind Claire Delaunay has created Botiful, a mobile robot controlled via Skype and it makes for a much more fun way to remotely communicate with others.A new Kickstarter project, Botiful uses the Skype app on your mobile to communicate with others. Simply plug your mobile into Botiful and your contacts will be alerted you’re online using a robot. When you are in a call with a friend who’s using a robot, an on-screen interface appears, you can use this interface to control the robots movements as well as controlling the phone screen to move it up or down. So you can make Botiful nod its head, dance, or even follow your friend around.It’s not just good for adding a bit of fun and personality to your Skype calls though – Botiful can be used for almost anything you can think of. Whether it’s watching your children, teasing your pets, reaching inaccessible places (i.e under a car) or following a friend around.Botiful is avaliable in white, red, blue or a combination of these colors, the choice is yours when you make a pledge for one. Botiful isn’t a cheap investment though, you’ll have to pledge at least $199 to get your hands on one. Nevertheless, almost half of the $90,000 needed has already been secured and with 27 days to go, Claire will most likely reach her goal.Botiful reminds me of the MKII in Metal Gear Solid 4 and it’s probably the closest anyone will get to owning one. So if you’re away from your kids and want to entertain them, or even if you just want to impress your adult friends, Botiful is a worthy investment.More at Kickstarterlast_img read more