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September 1, 2019 | |Post a Comment

first_imgRedBox has a valid interest in the direction the next-gen consoles take with regard to how you can acquire and play games. The service rents current gen games and doesn’t want to lose that market when the Xbox One and PS4 arrive later this year. However, it already looks as though the Xbox One won’t support game rentals, so RedBox has decided to take action.RedBox complaining to Microsoft directly about its mandatory Internet requirement and lending restrictions for Xbox One games won’t do much good. Instead, RedBox has created a new forum called The Future of Gaming is Now. It is open to all gamers and RedBox wants “you to talk about what excites you about the future of gaming… and what concerns you.”It may just look like a forum for discussion, but RedBox is clearly concerned about the future of game rentals and would like gamers to start complaining about it. Even then, it seems unlikely Microsoft will change course unless the Xbox One starts gathering dust on store shelves in the months that follow its launch.With E3 kicking off today, hopefully Sony will confirm whether it has decided to take the same route as Microsoft and require an Internet connection for playing PS4 games. If it has, then RedBox’s forum is sure to be filled with the views of angry gamers. If it hasn’t, RedBox will sigh with relief and Sony will have won itself quite a few fans in the gaming community.last_img read more