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first_imgThe women of Shades of Ebony are preparing to celebrate coeducation at Notre Dame with their event ’40 Years and Counting,’ which will take place Monday through Wednesday celebrating the contributions of women on campus. Senior Ally Jeter, outgoing vice president of Shades of Ebony, said the group was already planning a celebration of women on campus when they learned this year is the University’s 40th anniversary of coeducation.   “It originally started out as a program we were in called ‘High Heels, Higher Standards,’” Jeter said. “We just wanted it to be a celebration of women and all that we do here on campus and then we realized that it was 40 years of women specifically this year, so we wanted to incorporate that and capitalize on that and make it even grander. It’s … a celebration of women in the past, here in the present and also women in the future at Notre Dame, and all of our accomplishments  and  what we’ve contributed to the University.”  Freshman Chizo Ekechukwu, historian and Diversity Council representative for Shades of Ebony, said the group’s events will begin Monday afternoon with a service event. “We have ‘Women’s Week’ next week,” Ekechukwu said. “We have our service event on Monday at Saint Margaret’s House for us to give back to the community [and] we have an ice cream social with them.”  Ekechukwu said there will be an opportunity for group members and faculty from various departments to gather for dinner and engage in discussion at the Joyce Center’s Club Naimoli on Tuesday night. She said they will discuss important topics for women in American society during the dinner. “The dinner is with 75 women,” Ekechukwu said. “We have nine different tables and nine different topics and we’ll talk about different issues, from the representation of women to women in sports and things like that.”  On Wednesday, a prayer service in Ryan Hall and a ‘Girls’ Night In’ in the Coleman-Morse Center lounge will close out the ’40 Years and Counting’ celebration, Jeter said. Jeter said the prayer service is open to anyone, but the ‘Girl’s Night In’ is restricted to women. “[The prayer service] is open to everyone on campus. It will just be reflecting on the role of spirituality and being a woman here on campus,” Jeter said. “‘Girls’ Night In’ is specifically for women, just to have a place to go in fellowship after the prayer service.”  According to the group’s website, Shades of Ebony was officially recognized by the University in 2002 as a group for African American women on campus to discuss their experiences, foster sisterhood and perform service.  Freshman Ray’Von Jones, Shades of Ebony president-elect for the 2013-14 academic year, said the group’s goal is to help women on campus develop a positive self-image. “We’re basically trying to help promote positive self-image between African American and other women on campus,” said Jones. Jeter said the organization has transformed from just a group for discussion into one that fosters service alongside dialogue. “It started in the basement of Walsh Hall as a place for discussion … and then it became more of a service-based and discussion- oriented initiative,” she said.  The group meets every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the South Lounge of Walsh Hall. Ekechukwu said all women are welcome to join the group’s dialogue and service.  “We are open to everyone. I think a common misconception with Shades is that it’s only for black women, and it’s not. It would be nice to see women of all races and sexualities,” Ekechukwu said.last_img read more

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first_imgPresident Donald Trump, asked if he would denounce white supremacists and militia groups during Tuesday night’s US presidential debate, told the right-wing group the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”Who are the Proud Boys?The Proud Boys were established during the 2016 US election by Vice Media co-founder and Canadian-British right-wing activist Gavin McInnes, who has since distanced himself from the group. Why were they mentioned during the debate?Debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and tell them to “stand down” and not add to violence during recent protests in US cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Kenosha, Wisconsin.Trump agreed to do that, asking, “Who would you like me to condemn?” Biden interjected: “The Proud Boys.”Trump then urged the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” but quickly turned the conversation to antifa, a left-wing anti-fascist ideology, whose adherents he has blamed for violence at protests in recent months.In a Proud Boys channel on the messaging app Telegram, members shared a version of their logo that included the words “stand back, stand by” following Trump’s remarks.Joe Biggs, a Proud Boys member, celebrated the group’s mention on the social media platform Parler, saying: “President Trump told the proud boys to stand by because someone needs to deal with ANTIFA…well sir! we’re ready!!”On Wednesday, Trump walked back his remarks at the White House, telling reporters he was not familiar with the Proud Boys, but that the group should let law enforcement do its work.How are the Proud Boys tied to recent us protests?The group has clashed violently with Black Lives Matter and antifa demonstrators in Portland and other cities in recent months. At rallies, members are often clad in black and yellow polo shirts, wear body armor, and carry weapons, including firearms, paintball guns and baseball bats.Before a Proud Boys rally in Portland last Saturday, Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown declared a weekend state of emergency for the city, citing an imminent risk of civil disturbance that threatened injury or loss of life.The rally, which attracted hundreds of Proud Boys supporters, was largely peaceful, but police and left-wing protesters later clashed in downtown Portland.Are the Proud Boys a hate group?The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), another anti-hate advocacy organization, labeled the Proud Boys a hate group in 2018. McInnes sued the organization over the hate designation in February 2019, saying it was “purposefully deceitful” and meant to hurt his reputation.The case is still ongoing and lawyers for both parties did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Oregon’s Governor Brown criticized the Proud Boys in a tweet on Wednesday. “Let’s be clear: The Proud Boys are white supremacists,” she said. “Racism and hate are not forms of patriotism.” The group likely has several hundred members with chapters in most states and some other countries, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an anti-hate organization. They drew media attention in late 2018 after a violent confrontation with left-wing protesters in New York City, and returned to the spotlight during protests in recent months.They describe themselves as a male-only club of “Western chauvinists” who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” The group, whose membership is multiracial, has been called out for misogynistic, anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric by advocates who monitor extremism.Group members tend to adhere to an ideology that rejects overt white supremacy but embraces chauvinism, according to the ADL.Last year, two members of the group were sentenced to four years in prison for their role in a violent 2018 brawl with anti-fascist protesters following a speech by McInnes at a Republican club in New York City.center_img Topics :last_img read more

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first_imgThe new fund – named Employees’ Fund for Residual Holiday Funds (Lønmodtagernes Fond for Tilgodehavende Feriemidler) – will manage the cash equivalent of an extra 12 months’ worth of holiday entitlements, which are being granted to existing employees in Denmark as a result of bringing its legislation in line with EU law.“We have some ideas ourselves but we also want to be very open and listen to thoughts and inspiration from a lot of sources”Charlotte Mark, LD“We are now in the phase where we are collecting inspiration, and we are trying to discuss with different external business partners and others, how should we actually do this, how should we set this up,” Mark said.“At the moment we have just posed a lot of questions, throwing the idea up in the air and having a lot of internal discussions.”As part of this, Mark and the team are going on tours to visit different asset managers and thought leaders with different perspectives, she said. Credit: LDLD’s office in Frederiksberg, DenmarkWhile LD currently invests purely in liquid equities and bonds – because as a declining fund with a high average member age it needs to be liquid – its management may consider adding less liquid assets to the new holiday fund.The new fund could include more alternatives, and it could include asset types that LD has not been investing in for a while, Mark said.Given that the new fund may bring in up to DKK85bn of assets to manage, is LD considering doing some investment in-house in the future?“Potentially it is something we will have to consider. But I don’t expect that we will build up a big staff internally. I think we might add a few resources to the team, but we will certainly continue using external managers,” she said.See also: LD gains a new lease of life, from IPE’s October edition Charlotte Mark, CFO, LD“We have some ideas ourselves of course, but we also want to be very open and listen to thoughts and inspiration from a lot of sources,” the CFO added. “At the same time we need to do some more analysis of the fund itself because there are a lot of unknowns.”How much will LD run?Perhaps the biggest of these unknown factors is how much money LD will be managing in the new fund.According to the government agreement about the management of the extra holiday entitlements, employers will be given the freedom to choose whether they put money they owe staff into the fund managed by LD, or whether they keep that liquidity and take out a loan with LD instead, servicing that borrowing at the rate of wage inflation.At the latest, companies must pay the money into LD when individuals retire, but it is a feature of the holiday fund legislation that firms can choose to pay at anytime before that.“We need to do some more analysis there because obviously the total fund will deliver a mix of this employer loan, which will give a return of wage inflation, and the return of the pool that LD will invest in capital market assets,” said Mark. “We have to look at the total fund and optimise. But how big a part of the total fund will consist of the employer loans initially and how this develops over time is an unknown.”While the total fund size could be as much as DKK85bn, LD does know at least that it will receive close to DKK10bn in the first year of the fund’s operation, because this is money that will already have been paid into existing vacation funds by employers during 2019.“We have to try to model employer behaviour, or at least work with some different scenarios, different possible pool sizes, and then have some different approaches,” Mark explained.“We have some theories. For instance, if you have turnover in your staff it may be too high an administrative burden to hold onto liquidity for people not working in your company anymore, so when companies have staff turnover, it is likely that they will choose to pay in for these employees.“It could also be the case that some smaller companies will find it too much of an administrative burden in their annual report and accounting, and they might choose to pay in, but obviously it also depends on how tight your liquidity is.”New asset classes being consideredWith the existing structure LD already has in the form of its investment of externally-managed “building blocks”, Mark said LD was ready to invest from day one.“What we have to decide is if we want to add different asset classes and different building blocks from the existing ones,” she said.center_img Having received the parliamentary go-ahead to manage Denmark’s new holiday fund, the small management team of Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond (LD) has started work on designing the set-up for the new fund which could see a tripling of its assets under management.Charlotte Mark, CFO of LD, which currently manages DKK42.8bn (€5.7bn) pension fund, told IPE in an interview: “We are just at the dawn of thinking about how things should be.”LD was created to run a fund investing one-off frozen cost-of-living allowances granted to Danish employees at the end of the 1970s. There have been no new inflows since that original capital contribution from the government, so the fund has been gradually shrinking, despite investment returns and many members keeping their money invested with LD beyond retirement age.With its new mandate, LD seems set to continue for the next four decades.last_img read more