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first_imgAfter this altercation, Leonardo had to take action and arranged a meeting for three to smooth things over. An encounter revealed by Le Parisien, which hinted that the relationship between player and coach was at a difficult point. Madrid watched the situation rubbing their hands when the break came for COVID-19, whose effects on the club’s economy will cause the transfer market to embrace austerity and force Madrid to postpone an Operation that gradually rises in temperature: the white club yearns for the French star, PSG prefers to risk letting him go for free in 2022 rather than fold and negotiate with Madrid and while the player dreams of playing one day at the Bernabéu. At PSG they annoyed Zidane’s public winks, almost assuming that Mbappé will play in white. But the person from Marseille not only did not stop, but on November 25 raised the temperature of the Real Madrid-PSG Champions League with a previous confession: “I have known Mbappé for a long time. I am already in love with him, first as a person ( …). He is the rival, I can’t tell you more. “ On that occasion it was not Leonardo who stirred after the public declaration of love of Zizou, but It was Tuchel, PSG coach, who responded by puffing out his chest: “I don’t know how much infatuation Zidane has regarding Mbappé. Sometimes it is so. Sometimes you love players that you can’t have… ”. Two days later, Leonardo returned to the scene to deliver his short monologue: “Mbappé is going to stay one hundred percent.” Operation Mbappé rises in temperature. The Frenchman is Real Madrid’s dream, he wants him to be the next jewel in his crown and both the club and Zidane are simmering his signing. But the prudence of other years due to Florentino’s friendship with Al Khelaifi, president of PSG, and his respect for Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, owner of the French club (Madrid came to issue a statement denying any negotiations with Mbappé and Neymar), has given way to an increase in the pulse between the parts. The 21-year-old forward is the great objective of the entity of Concha Espina, who had set himself next summer to hit the rush in the signing and continue to approach him, but who will postpone it to 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis . Therefore, efforts will focus on taking crack next year, one before his contract ends (2022). PSG is aware of the scenario and knows that in Madrid they trust that the player does not renew and thus push the French club into a negotiation. But, As AS publishes this Wednesday, the French position is iron: it is not for sale. Leonardo, PSG’s sports director, prefers that he leave free in 2022 rather than accept an offer in the summer of 2021, for whatever amount.The Brazilian is adamant when mentioning Operation Mbappé. Their speeches represent the escalation of tightness that both clubs started at the beginning of this season. It was Zidane who lit the wick on November 5, leaving aside any concealment: “The player will decide his future and what he will do. At the moment he is a PSG player, but he has always said that it is a dream to play for Real Madrid “. Leonardo’s response, marking territory, was immediate. A day later, after the Champions League match against Bruges, he showed his anger at Zidane’s flirtation and replied like this: “Honestly, annoying a little, annoying. This is not the time to talk about dreams and all that. Stop it. Mbappé is very important to us and this is not the time to destabilize it. He is the best young French player, world champion, one of the best in the world. This is not the time to touch it and destabilize it. It is time to stop. He has two and a half years of contract with us. “ The end to that rifirrafe Zidane put it, insisting: “I just said what the player wants. And that’s it. Then everyone can say what they want… ”. DAILY AS (DAILY AS) Mbappé: between friction and winksAnd the player? Mbappé has also contributed to raising the stakes and increasing the pulse. Beyond his winks to Zidane (“It was my first idol,” he said on January 20, of showing his discontent for his role at PSG and showing on his social networks his complicity with Vinicius, he has not hidden his turf on the pitch. angry with his coach after a decision by him. That helped pour more wood into the boiler. The most controversial friction took place on February 1, against Montpellier (win 5-0). The footballer was upset that Tuchel decided to replace him with the already sentenced match. A situation that has been repeated several times this season. The German tried to explain to an Mbappé, who barely looked at him and left with visible anger on the bench. “I am the coach, this is not tennis, this is soccer,” the former Borussia player threw at a press conference.GONZALO FUENTES & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>GONZALO FUENTES (REUTERS)last_img read more