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first_imgEarlier this week, we shared some unfortunate news from the family of Eric Lindell. The New Orleans musician is suffering some serious familial setbacks, as his newborn baby is on life support and, in the process, doctors discovered a heart condition in his wife. The one bit of fortunate news from this is the strength of the musician/NOLA community, who have rallied for fundraising efforts in support of the family.After a successful GoFundMe campaign, a number of musicians are taking this to the next level. One week from today, Friday March 25th, The Hall At MP in Brooklyn, NY will host a late-night fundraiser for Lindell. Confirmed musicians thus far include the “Piano Prince of New Orleans” Davell Crawford (keys, vocals), Gregg Allman Band guitarist Scott Sharrard (guitar, vocals), Elise Testone (vocals), Lindell collaborators Chris Fitzgerald (sax) and Arne Wendt (keys), as well as members of the Brickyard Band, Shady Street Show Band, and many special guests. There will also be raffles from photographers Marc Millman, Scott Harris, and artist Mattie James.ALL proceeds will go to the Lindell family, and tickets are now on sale via Ticketweb Cares. For those who want to give more, feel free to visit the GoFundMe campaign in progress. Lindell himself commented on how touched he is for all of the support. Read his note below:I can’t describe in words how much Sarah and I appreciate the love and support from friends and family and folks we have not even met yet. Nothing can prepare you for something like this. Nothing can be more upsetting than to see sick children …it’s heart breaking how many families are here at the children’s hospital…every one with a story.We found out our son had CDH and Duodenal Atresia in November and our doctors back home said there were only a few places in the country that deal with these high risk situations. We were informed that Colorado was the best and had the highest success rate.After our first call with them, it was clear where we needed to be and they said they wanted us in Colorado ASAP, so we left shortly after Christmas. Once we arrived, we met our amazing team of doctors and nurses twice a week…which are truly some of the kindest, smartest people we have ever met.The last couple months of the pregnancy where very hard on Sarah .. Due to the CDH and Duodenal Atresia she retained way too much fluid…so they did an Amino Reduction to relieve the pressure from her heart and lungs and to try and keep the baby longer, in hopes of further lung development.A couple weeks later our son Kay Chevalier Lindell was born on March 2nd at 3:30AM…weighing in at 5 pounds. He had his first surgery and went on Ecmo machine March 3. They noticed during the C section that Sarah was having irregular heartbeats…as soon as the baby was delivered they rushed Sarah off to an adult hospital where they monitored her heart for couple days.They finally discharged her so she could come back to children’s hospital and be with baby Kay. Shortly thereafter we had to rush Sarah to the ER where they found out that the left part of her heart was not pumping with the same pressure as the rest of her heart. They have her on heart meds and have discharged her with her own blood pressure machine.Sarah has been so strong and brave through all of this and is now in NICU with baby Kay. The connection between a mother and baby is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. When she talks to him and kisses him…it is amazing how he responds…love magic…it is true and powerful.There is nothing stronger or greater than a mother’s love. We have to love our families with all we have. Thank U to all of our friends and family for the positive thoughts and prayers…each and every one of you have restored our faith in humanity. There are truly some warm heart’d people out there. Thank U so much for thinking of us and including us in your thoughts and prayers.Eric Lindell & Familylast_img read more

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first_imgNotre Dame physics professor Peter Garnavich received the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics on Nov. 9, for his work with the High-Z Supernova Search Team. The scientists and entrepreneurs that make up the Breakthrough Prize board awarded High-Z and another competing team of cosmological researchers for publishing paradigm-shifting evidence regarding the expansion of the universe.Garnavich said he was surprised to discover that the third iteration of the Breakthrough Prize would be awarded to High-Z.“I was reading the New York Times the morning after the prize was announced and I saw our team members and the competing team leader in their pictures and I said, ‘Oh, they’ve won another big award,’” Garnavich said. “Then I saw that physics received $3 million. It was only at the end of the article that I realized the entire team had also been named and would be receiving a share [of the prize].”Garnavich said when his team’s leaders, Brian P. Schmidt and Adam Riess, received the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics for High-Z’s discovery the whole team enjoyed several days of celebration in Sweden. Garnavich said he admired the Swedes’ celebration of science and thought the Breakthrough Awards are an attempt to bring the spirit of celebrating science to the United States.The Breakthrough Prize was awarded to High-Z for publishing their research about stars in 1998, Garnavich said. The two competing teams, High-Z and the Supernova Cosmology Project, sought to analyze the expansion of the universe by collecting data on massive star explosions known as supernovae. Garnavich said his team used high-powered telescopes in places such as Arizona, Chile and in the Hubble Space Telescope to gather data on a category of supernovae with a uniform brightness known as “standard candles.”“Just like if you look at a street light and you would know that it is 300 watts, or something like that, you would know one that is fainter is actually further away,” he said. “So we use the same technique with these supernovae, if we know what their luminosity actually is. By the late ’80s to early ’90s it became clear that this particular type of supernova was a really excellent distance indicator.”Garnavich said when the two research teams compiled the necessary data from the “standard candle” supernovae for analysis in 1997, they theorized that it would be a measure of the degree of deceleration in the universe’s expansion.“We were finding — and scratching our heads — that we don’t see a deceleration, we actually see an acceleration,” Garnavich said. “The motion of the universe would be like if I threw this pen up in the air and it zoomed through the roof off into space. That would be quite surprising, and that was the level of surprise we had.”This mysterious accelerating force is referred to as “dark energy” and its identity is one of the major unanswered questions in physics, he said. Garnavich said High-Z’s discovery of the phenomenon has raised far more questions than they have answered.“It gets this general name ‘dark energy’ because it might not even be energy, it might even be extra dimensions,” Garnavich said. “It is a huge unknown, and we’re talking about three quarters of the universe and we have no idea what it is.”Garnavich said he estimates that science cannot explain 97 percent of the universe. Regardless, he said he remains undaunted by the infinite mysteries physics has yet to explain.“It keeps us in business.”Tags: Breakthrough Prize, Fundamental Physics, High-Z, Mark Zuckerberglast_img read more

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first_imgInterim head coach of Accra Hearts of Oak, Edward Nii Odoom, has rebuffed claims that he is not capable of handling the team on a permanent basis.Odoom’s second match in the job ended up a 3-0 loss at Medeama on Sunday in Week 2 of the Ghana Premier League.The Phobians fell to goals from Prince Opoku Agyemang and Nana Kofi Babil to leave them bottom of the league table after two matches. They lost 1-0 to Berekum Chelsea in Week 1 of the league.After the loss in Tarkwa, Odoom’s capabilities as a coach came under scrutiny and he was resolute in his defense of his work at Hearts of Oak in the first two rounds of the season.”I have coached in Ghana for 30 years. I have handled different teams like Real Sportive and many others.This Hearts of Oak job is not beyond me at all. I am capable of doing the work well.”Odoom was named interim head coach after the departure of Kim Grant from the club before the start of the season.His next assignment will be against Dwarfs at the Accra Sports Stadium in Week 3 of the league.last_img read more

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first_imgBill Neal:10 If ya got any problems with the “Top Ten” finest women on the planet list take it up with my committee… “S” Broadus (on vacation ‘til whenever, he’s in charge) or just go to the complaint department (closed ‘til we return) oh well!!:09 I could do a top 25 list on Steelers blunders, but here’s five you can cuddle up with by the fire. No. 1. Four seconds on the clock and your season on the line. Throw the Hail Mary into the end zone, not to “Redmon” at the 50 yard line. No. 2. You bring Plaxico in, throw him the damn ball. No. 3. Mendenhall should have gotten off his high horse and ran until the wheels came off. No. 4. Ok, tell me again, why you fired Bruce Arians? No. 5. How is it that we have the No. 1 defense in football, but we can never stop anybody when it really matters?:08 Beverley Simmons, the wife of my main man and all around great guy Curt Simmons, your now, “In The Locker Room.” Thanks for reading.:07 Here’s your favorite part. You love it, yes you do. It’s movie review time. Jamie Foxx is fantastic in “Django,” go see it now. Do Not Wait! I give it three and a half basketballs. Come on, you know I don’t give out fours, well not unless you’re the outlaw, Josey Wales or the Magnificent Seven or Training Day… you know!:06 Speaking of good movies, pull out the now classic “This Christmas” with Chris Brown before he lost his mind, still one of the best all-Black Christmas movies. For holiday background sounds… The Temptation’s Christmas classic, followed by The Whispers Sounds of Christmas. Man it just doesn’t get any better than that…well it does get better, but this is a PG family newspaper (Big Big Smile):05 Good brother Rashad Byrdsong, president & CEO of Community Empowerment Association, and his staff including, Gene “I can still play” Wilson, Warren Wilson, in collaboration with the legend, Ricky Coleman, put on a fantastic holiday basketball tournament that saw some of our best and brightest 14-year-old boys and girls “Hoop it up” for Christmas. More on this growing Pittsburgh organization phenomenon next week.:04 I told ya, I told ya, I told ya!! My Lakers gonna be alright Booker, Fred and my old man, too. All ya’ll can start shaking in your Christmas booties because “NASH” is back, Gasol is in his rightful position and “D” Howard is getting stronger by the day (following back surgery) and of course the greatest player in the game today, Mr. Kobe Bryant is scoring 30 points a game as if it’s Christmas morning for him every day! See ya at the Western Conference finals!:03 A little snow didn’t stop the show. The Champions annual Red Par-Tay rocked and rolled with Santa at the lead spot on the line dance floor. Seventy-five plus turned out to get their Christmas groove on while at the same time raising money for the Champions 37th annual “Toys for Champions” Christmas party and toy giveaway. A record breaking 1,200 toys and winter clothes were given away to more than 400 deserving disadvantaged area youth from Wilkinsburg, Homewood-Brushton, East Hills, East Liberty and Penn Hills. Thanks go out to Santa, along with the Champions staff; Penn Avenue McDonalds, Iftiakhar Milik, United States Marine Corps, Debbie Norrell, Elan Financial Services and Tae…And last, but not least, a Big “Hoo-Raa” to Marine Legend Master Jacquet Bazemore.:02 This is it, you wait all year to get it now, here it is. Your top 10 sports moments of the year… Now shut-up and listen. 1. Your Pittsburgh Steelers don’t make the play-offs. 2. No Hockey, No Hockey, No Hockey! (and your point is?) 3. Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquio gets knocked out!!! 4. Penn State, Sandusky, new coach… New team holds the Fort. 5. Pirates post 20th losing season in a row. 6. Adrian Peterson joins the 2000 yard club after major reconstruction surgery. May set new mark by eclipsing Eric Dickerson single season record. 7. In spite of Kobe’s league-leading 30 points a game in his seventeenth year… what?…the Lakers fire coach Mike Brown after two minutes on the job?!? 8. LeBron wins the NBA title…C’mon man! 9. Gabby Douglas takes home Olympic gold. 10. 40th anniversary of Franco Harris’ immaculate reception takes a back seat to some of the NFL’s greatest tragedies with the death of Junior Seau, the murder suicide shootings in Kansas City and the death by drunken driving in Dallas.:01 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!~Game Over~last_img read more

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first_imgRisk of incidence and recurrence of colon cancer appears to be reduced with exercise, according to a report by the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported in EurekAlert.  Data now supports what was once just a good idea.Make exercise a part of your routine.  Your body needs it in more ways than one.  This is the best time of year for outdoor strolls, where you can improve both mental and physical health.(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Clements: Proposed changes to the Federal Milk Marketing Order by the American Farm Bureau Federation could mean more democracy and a more equitable program for all dairy farmers. John Newton, AFBF Chief Economist, says the working group of Farm Bureau members identified four priorities.Newton: All dairy farmers should have a voice and a vote on changes to milk pricing regulation, and that deals directly with the ability of co-ops to bloc vote. Farmers on the working group wanted to see improved risk sharing among farmers, cooperatives and their processors. The working group recommended improved price discovery for milk prices. And finally, some provisions to streamline and simplify the pricing and pooling provisions in the southeast U.S.Clements: Newton says several years of low milk prices prompted the effort.Newton: The voting delegates in January asked us to convene this working group following several years of low milk prices and some struggles in the marketing chain for dairy products. So, this working group was tasked to find a way to update and modernize these Federal Milk Marketing Orders so that dairy farmers and their co-ops and processors can be more successful in the future.Clements: Farm Bureau members will consider adding the recommendations to the Farm Bureau policy book during the 2020 AFBF Annual Convention & Trade Show in Austin, Texas.Newton: Now we need to do what we do best and that’s engage our grassroots members across the country, and go through that grassroots policy development process, ultimately culminating at our business session in January, we’ll have an opportunity to update Farm Bureau policy on federal orders.Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.last_img read more

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INDIANAPOLIS — If there’s one thing that’s become almost painstakingly clear about the Indiana Pacers this season, it’s that they’re an acquired taste among basketball fans.Unless you’re from the state of Indiana, chances are you’re not going to find this club all that sexy. In a league flush with pace, dunks and threes, the Pacers rank near the bottom in all three. Their franchise player, high-flying All-Star Victor Oladipo, went down with a devastating, season-ending injury in January, supposedly ruining whatever chance the club had of making a deep playoff run — if it could even finish the job and reach the postseason to begin with.But focusing on what the Pacers don’t have, or won’t accomplish, might make you miss something important: Indiana possesses perhaps more grit than any NBA team.Of course there are two concerns with a statement like that. First, as numbers-heavy as we are at this site, we couldn’t quite come up with anything to measure the Pacers’ heart (although we pieced together a number of things to make a solid argument). Second, and perhaps more important for the time being: For all the heart Indiana possesses, looking at the team’s recent results might lead you to believe the struggling team is on life support.Before their home win here over the Pistons on Monday night, the Pacers had lost seven of their past eight and were coming off a dismal 4-10 record in March, by far their worst month of the campaign. They’ll head into Detroit on Wednesday in the midst of a 10-game road-losing streak — concerning for a team in danger of falling to the fifth seed and losing home-court advantage in the first round.Aside from a much tougher schedule lately (of those 10-straight road defeats, nine have come to teams that will make the playoffs),1This rationale might comfort Pacers fans. But if Indiana can’t beat playoff-caliber teams on the road anymore, that probably speaks volumes about the team’s prospects of making it out of a second-round series, if it even gets that far. Indiana has struggled to generate consistent offense in Oladipo’s absence. The team logged just 106.5 points per 100 possessions during the month of March, the league’s fourth-worst scoring attack during that span, according to NBA Advanced Stats.More and more, the Pacers’ hardscrabble offense has been putting too much pressure on the team’s third-ranked defense. Before Oladipo’s injury ended his season, Indiana was 16-12 when giving up 100 points or more. But since he left the lineup, and the team’s margin for error shrank immeasurably, the Pacers have gone just 6-17 when surrendering 100 or more.Understandably, the team was a mess immediately after Oladipo’s injury, which required him to be carried off on a stretcher before the home crowd. General manager Kevin Pritchard gave an emotional rallying cry in the locker room after the game, reminding the players that they’d gone 7-4 without Oladipo already this season (as opposed to 0-7 the season before) and were still 5 points per 100 possessions better than their opponents with him off the floor. But that didn’t stop Indiana from falling into a season-worst four-game skid. Adjustments were needed.“It’s a totally different thing to play those 11 games without him when you know in the back of your mind that you’re going to get him back healthy,” coach Nate McMillan said of Oladipo, who was also an All-NBA defender. “But after the injury, we knew he wasn’t coming back. So we had to change everything [in our offense] and hit the reset button.”That meant shifting from a relatively open system — one that often encouraged players (especially Oladipo) to take midrange shots if opponents sagged off — to one that’s more heavily synchronized. Indiana has tripled its number of ball screens for Bojan Bogdanovic,2Since February, Bogdanovic has gotten a ball screen 12.7 times per 100 possessions — up from just 4.2 per 100 possessions prior to Oladipo’s injury, according to data from Second Spectrum. giving him a downhill advantage to set up open teammates if and when defenses collapse into the paint.With more playmaking responsibilities, Bogdanovic has upped his scoring average from 16 points before the Oladipo injury to almost 22 per game since then. He and Wes Matthews, who signed with the Pacers after being bought out following the trade deadline, have replaced the vast majority of Oladipo’s shot attempts. Thaddeus Young’s play has been noteworthy, too, as he has basically doubled his assist average since Oladipo went down. All three players factored into Indiana turning things around in February, winning eight of nine — albeit against suspect competition.Effort has been one of Indiana’s defining traits, both this season and in previous years. After posting that 0-7 mark without Oladipo in 2017-18, the Pacers now stand 21-21 in games without their star this season. They’re highly physical, almost always preferring to fight through screens as opposed to switching on defense, like most teams do. They dive on the floor for extra possessions and rank near the top in recovering loose balls on D. And they’ve developed an attitude that suggests that no deficit is too big for them to overcome. In one of their best wins of the season, the Pacers rallied from 19 down last month to beat ex-Indiana star Paul George and the Thunder. It marked a league-high 19th time over the past three seasons that Indiana had come back to win a game it once trailed by 15 points or more, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group.But the struggles over the past month and change have illustrated that effort, which these Pacers are built on, can take you only so far — especially now that Indiana’s foes are bona fide playoff clubs again.“When you’re struggling offensively, it’s hard to grind on these guys and yell, ‘C’mon guys: Keep guarding! Get your intensity up!’ when you can just see their confidence oozing out of them and slipping away with each missed shot,” Pacers assistant coach Dan Burke told me.Put another way: At a certain point, you can only get so much defense out of a team that isn’t producing anything on offense.That isn’t to suggest there isn’t talent on the roster, because there is. It just hasn’t been reliable from top to bottom. Take the two biggest acquisitions from last summer: Tyreke Evans and Doug McDermott. Evans, who figured to be an enormous insurance policy as a ball-handler in case anything happened to Oladipo, has been the NBA’s worst finisher at the rim.3Literally the worst. Out of the 85 players who have taken at least 250 shots from the restricted area, Evans — at 45.7 percent — is the only one shooting worse than 50 percent. And while McDermott has been fine, he’s had unusually wild shooting swings, depending on whether he’s playing at home (just over 30 percent from 3-point range) or on the road (where he’s slightly better than 48 percent from 3-point range).Indiana uses cutters better than most teams. But the Pacers are often slow to identify the mismatches they have when opposing defenses counter their screen-and-roll action with a switch. In fact, no team generates less efficient offense than the Pacers (who score a minuscule 0.81 points per possession) do when getting a switch, according to data from Second Spectrum.Video Playerhttps://fivethirtyeight.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/SWITCHES.mp400:0000:0001:38Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.And as you might guess, crunch-time offense has often been a struggle for Indiana, one of a handful of teams to average less than 1 point per possession in those scenarios since Oladipo’s injury.There are obviously plenty of things the Pacers do well, and they still somehow have an outside chance of reaching the 50-win mark. Domantas Sabonis has become one of the NBA’s most efficient bench scorers. Indy shoots very well from three; they simply don’t take many (29th in attempt rate). Yet the team’s bread and butter is its defense, where players like Young and block machine Myles Turner (both of whom deserve All-Defensive Team consideration)4And in Turner’s case, Defensive Player of the Year consideration. frequently force opponents into mistakes. Indiana has occasional breakdowns, too, of course. But the fact remains that the Pacers usually keep themselves in games on that end of the floor.Whether their defense will keep them in the playoffs for long is a separate question. But even if it doesn’t, we can rest assured that the Pacers — warts and all — will leave whatever they’ve got on the court.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

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OSU redshirt freshman defensive end Sam Hubbard (6) defends during a game against Western Michigan on Sept. 26 at Ohio Stadium. OSU 38-12. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead / Photo EditorYesterday, The Lantern began its two-part examination of what Ohio State’s starting lineups might look like during the 2016 season after an unprecedented amount of talent depart due to graduation or the NFL draft, which included 16 of 22 starters — eight on offense and eight on defense.The three offensive starters returning — redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett, redshirt senior guard-turned-center Pat Elflein and redshirt junior guard Billy Price — will have to quickly integrate with the large number of offensive weapons asked to step up in a big way to keep the powerhouse program afloat.The same will have to be done on defense, which was often considered the bread and butter of coach Urban Meyer’s 2015 squad. The three returning starters there — junior linebacker Raekwon McMillan, redshirt junior cornerback Gareon Conley and redshirt junior defensive end Tyquan Lewis — started all 13 games in 2015. However, beyond that trio the projected starters next season ranged from players splitting snaps to seeing limited playing time to being in high school in 2015.Here is an early glance at OSU’s defense as it turns the page on the next era of talent.On the lineThe players occupying the two ends of the front four seems obvious enough, with Lewis returning to one end and redshirt sophomore Sam Hubbard, who was a key contributor off the bench in 2015 with 6.5 sacks, on the other.Hubbard will be asked to fill the shoes of Joey Bosa, though Hubbard actually registered 1.5 more sacks than the consensus top-10 pick.Almost as important as filling Bosa’s spot with Hubbard, however, is filling Hubbard’s role of picking up snaps on both end positions on the line when a starter gets a breather. The likeliest candidate for that job seems to be junior Jalyn Holmes, who received an extended look in the Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame after Bosa’s early ejection.Things get murkier up the middle, however. Both starters there, Adolphus Washington and Tommy Schutt, were lost to graduation, with not a ton of strong options waiting in the wings.Redshirt junior Michael Hill started a few games in 2015 that Schutt missed with various injuries, so it is reasonable to think he will step into a full-time role next year.But Meyer might have to get creative for the other spot in the interior. It is possible that lower-ceiling players like redshirt sophomore Donovan Munger or redshirt junior Tracy Sprinkle could get the early nods as a placeholder, but don’t be surprised to see Meyer turn to a true freshman to occupy the role.Malik Barrow, a four-star recruit from Tampa, Florida, could be ready to step up from Day 1 if he performs well in spring and fall practice. Fellow Floridian Nick Bosa, the younger brother of Joey, is also a possibility. Recruited as a defensive end, some have thought the five-star recruit could project as a defensive tackle. The hitch with him is that he is recovering from a torn ACL suffered during his final year of high school, so health could hold him back from playing right away.In the middleAs one of the few returning starters, combined with his natural leadership role of the Mike linebacker, McMillan will be the unquestioned captain of the defense. There is a very strong possibility that his junior season will be his final one in college, so another strong season from the Hinesville, Georgia, product, who led the team with 119 tackles in 2015, should be expected.The other two starting linebacker spots, however, are not so easy to figure out.Expect one of them to go to redshirt junior Chris Worley, who would have likely been a starter each of the last two years had he not been beaten out before the 2014 season by the now-departed Darron Lee.The third seems to be an absolute toss-up. Junior Dante Booker and sophomore Jerome Baker could certainly be considered the favorites when camp opens, but a name to keep an eye on is redshirt freshman Nick Conner.Conner broke out with a very strong performance during the 2015 spring game, leading many to believe he could play a significant role as a true freshman. While a knee injury ended his hopes of contributing in 2015, Meyer has made it clear how much he likes the product of nearby Dublin Scioto High School.While Conner’s future will likely lie with inheriting McMillan’s Mike linebacker job, he could get an early head start should he be granted the outside or strong-side linebacker position in 2016.In the backAs with the first two defensive groups, the secondary features one returning starter in Conley. This unit arguably features more talent loss than any other, with safeties Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell and top cornerback Eli Apple saying goodbye with eligibility remaining.Opposite Conley at the cornerback position should be junior Damon Webb, who saw snaps in seven games as OSU’s nickelback in passing situations.Occupying Webb’s former role as the third corner, therefore, is up for grabs. Redshirt sophomore Marshon Lattimore is probably the leading candidate for the job, but sophomore Denzel Ward, who took the familiar Meyer route of getting his feet wet on special teams, could be keyed in on for a bigger role.The safety spots should be occupied by redshirt sophomore Malik Hooker and redshirt junior Cam Burrows, simply by process of elimination of the thinnest position on the team.Unless Webb or Ward shift from cornerback to safety, those two are really the only candidates on the roster with any experience. Hooker appeared in each game in some capacity in 2015, while Burrows was ahead of him on the depth chart before suffering a season-ending foot injury midway through the year.That projection, however, hinges on the health of junior Erick Smith, who should have a starting spot with his name on it should he recover fully from a torn ACL suffered in early November. But ACL injuries are no joke when it comes to both getting healthy and regaining effectiveness, so it’s a big question mark if Smith will be able to step into a large role when the season begins on Sept. 3 against Bowling Green. read more