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first_imgDo something relevant… Please don’t speak on me bro ever again!!!— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016Bob please never speak in public again… you are everything that is wrong with the old guard …— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016 I’m tired of old people that have no connection with anything trying to comment on music!— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016 This is an interesting feud that’s developed. As Kanye points out, Bob Ezrin is a stalwart member of the “Old Guard,” a man with a decades long career who’s worked on cultural touchstones and yet has managed to stay relevant to the present day. Kanye West has shown himself to be a talented producer, a performer with aspirations to the higher levels of art and a public persona that is baffling in its complete lack of shame and nuance.  The two couldn’t be farther apart on notoriety scale, but knowing the attention Kanye’s antics bring, Ezrin is about to have his profile raised considerably. Let the good times roll. In an open letter shared by veteran music journalist Bob Lefsetz‘s blog, the Lefsetz Letter, long time record producer Bob Ezrin sharply took Kanye West to task for his over the top antics and self aggrandization. Ezrin has earned the bonafides to speak out on such matters, helping to create masterpieces such as Pink Floyd‘s legendary double album The Wall and Lou Reed’s Berlin, not to mention his recent work on the Phish album, Fuego.In the letter, Ezrin was bluntly dismissive of Kanye’s self purported “Genius,” dropping hits like “…unlike other creators in his genre like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie or even M.C. Hammer for that matter, it’s unlikely that we’ll be quoting too many of Kanye’s songs 20 years from now. He didn’t open up new avenues of public discourse like NWA, or introduce the world to a new art form like Grandmaster Flash, or even meaningfully and memorably address social issues through his music like Marshall, Macklemore and Kendrick.”  The letter wasn’t entirely critical, as he did give Kanye props on his production skills, saying: “In my opinion, his productions are his best work – and I admit I’m jealous of several of them…” though he went on to say “…but I don’t think he’s on quite the same level as Timbaland and Rick Rubin among several others. His song writing – meaning the stuff with melodies – is sophomoric at best.”He even took a moment to lament the recent pairing of West and music icon Paul McCartney, opining “I was embarrassed for Sir Paul – one of the greatest Artists of our era – by their collaboration, though it was pointed out to me that this got him his highest chart position in decades. So I guess he didn’t mind. But I kind of did!”Ezrin worried that people seem to be buying into the hype and equating Kanye’s body of work as “Art” with a capitol “A.”  Or as he puts it “…Kanye’s greatest achievements have been in the form of excessive behavior, egomaniacal tantrums and tasteless grandstanding. What he is a true artist at is living his life out loud – and shoving it down the throats of the rest of us whether we give a shit or not. He’s like that flasher who interrupts a critical game by running naked across the field. Is that art???” That fact that Kanye has released an album he is still tinkering with, Ezrin was found himself pondering the very nature of West. “The great musicians, writers, poets, rappers, performers, dancers, players, conductors, directors and producers work all their lives for that one moment of complete perfection – that one brilliant performance, that one perfect song, that one enduring and life-altering work. 10,000 hours is peanuts in comparison to the real amount of time spent by true artists in their lifelong pursuit of excellence. But no one else that I have seen is this happy to have the audience watching all along the way. They are working to the culmination of something; to the exquisite feeling of completion that comes from working and reworking until that moment when their creation, or their performance, is as good as it could possibly be. This guy is just feeding the media machine and I’m not even certain to what end. Maybe he JUST needs the attention, like that flasher, and isn’t happy unless he’s the center of it.”He closes a letter with a sad lament.  “I don’t even know why I’m so angry about this. Except maybe I lament for a world where being truly, world-shakingly excellent at anything – at least in the field of popular music if not elsewhere – is no longer absolutely necessary. You can be a star today just by creating a public life that people pay attention to. That’s it. All you have to do is be interesting or likable or shocking enough and you can have your 15 minutes of fame…even if that means that no one will remember you or what you’ve done in just a few years. Line ‘em up. How many “popular artists” have come and gone in just the last decades. In my mind (which is a pretty busy as often too judgmental place, I will admit) real artists make stuff that changes the world and LASTS.”Naturally, Kanye took to Twitter to reply.Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin???— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016 Ezrin I truly feel sorry for your friends and family that they have had to suffer an idiot like you for so many years…— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 24, 2016last_img read more

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first_imgMADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has issued a new statewide mask order an hour after the Republican-controlled Legislature voted to repeal his previous mandate. The Democrat Evers said in a video message Thursday that his priority is keeping people safe and that wearing a mask is the most basic way to do that. Republicans who voted to repeal the order say Evers has exceeded his authority by issuing new public health emergencies rather than having the Legislature approve extensions. The repeal hadn’t even taken effect before Evers issued a new one. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is weighing a case that could settle the issue.last_img read more

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first_imgAs some Saint Mary’s students review old notes and tests in preparation for finals in the Cushwa-Leighton Library, some students are making markings to remove words out of old books. On a table on the first floor, torn pieces of paper are being edited by adding black lines to mark out unnecessary words. This is the process of blackout poetry, brought to the library as part of a class project.Three students, junior Dalanie Beach, and first-years Hannah Toepp and Hannah Kornfeld, completed this project as part of an assignment for their Design Lab I class.“This Design Lab I course really covers all the bases,” Kornfeld said. “We did a lot of different projects — everything from painting, to making videos and learning how to use certain design software. At the end of each project, we had class critiques where we discussed how we can improve on each of our pieces. This project is a group landmark installation, meaning we have to install some sort of art project anywhere on campus that the people can interact with. Therefore, we created this project.”The project, titled Landmarking, asked that students come up with their own definition or what a landmark could be. Using this definition, groups then had to devise and design an installation-based piece as a representation. There were no limitations on how the project must be represented, giving limitless possibilities to students.“I was always familiar with blackout poetry, and so were the other members of my group,” Toepp said. “Blackout poetry is a creative way to make poetry with the words you are given. The requirements for the project were to be creative and create a piece that has an impact on your audience. So we had to choose a place, an audience, and how to speak to that audience. Our blackout poetry calls for our audience to participate in our art.”Krista Hoefle, professor of Design Lab I, said the course allows students who are interested in art and design the opportunity to explore creative forms of research. This gives students the opportunity to choose how they represent the topic of each project.Beach echoed these sentiments, saying her goal was to invoke creative expression in participants.“My group’s goal was to encourage creativity,” Beach said. “Since I am a writer, I wanted to incorporate words in our project. Poetry seemed the best way to go, and blackout poems are an easy and fun way to encourage creative thinking. The professor encouraged the idea of the anthology, and since I have experience with self-publishing, we decided on creating a self-pub book of the poems.”Students completed their submissions for the “BlackOut Poetry Anthology” the week of Nov. 29. The three students are working on the publishing process of the book — to be available for online purchase at the beginning of the spring semester.Tags: anthology, blackout poetry, design lab, Design Lab Ilast_img read more

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first_imgBy Amlan ChakrabortyNEW DELHI, India (Reuters) – New Zealand will bank heavily on reverse swing to emerge from the trial by spin that awaits them in the Test series in India, coach Mike Hesson said yesterday.Last time they hosted a team, India rolled out turning tracks and flexed their spin muscles to crush South Africa 3-0 in the four-Test series last year.Kane Williamson and his men can look forward to a similar treatment in the three-Test series beginning in Kanpur on September 22 but Hesson sounded upbeat.“It’s a huge component of playing cricket overseas,” the bespectacled coach told reporters.“On surfaces that aren’t responsive in terms of seam movement, and they are abrasive and they lose their shine very quickly, you need to find another way.“Hence overseas teams are pretty keen to find ways to get the ball to reverse, obviously in a legitimate fashion.”Hesson conceded it would be a different ball game for his side, literally.“The challenge for us is firstly adjusting to the different ball,” he said. “The SG balls (to be used for the series) can be different to what we have been operating with – the Kookaburra.”New Zealand have picked three spinners — Mark Craig, Mitchell Santner and Indian-born Ish Sodhi — in their squad and Hesson said they could prove quite a handful on the turning tracks.“All three … are keen learners of the game and certainly we’re going to put a lot of faith in them in the coming weeks.”Captain Williamson was confident his team would prove equal to the task against the world’s second-ranked Test team.“It’s a tough place to play, particularly in recent years,” said the 26-year-old who will need to lead from the front with the bat if they are to succeed in the series“The pitches have been very tricky and you throw in world class spinners, the challenge is very tough.“At the same time, we see it as a very exciting opportunity …. You want to be playing the best in their backyard and the guys are excited and looking forward to the challenge.”The series, which also includes matches in Kolkata and Indore, was to feature the first day-night Test in India before the proposal was shelved.“There’s no doubt that the pink-ball Test was discussed,” said Hesson, whose team played the first-ever day-night Test against Australia at Adelaide in November, 2015.“Having played one, we were obviously quite happy to play one but for some reason, it was deemed not appropriate. Certainly was not something that came from our camp.”last_img read more