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first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionSweeney shows he can be bought offRegarding former Congressman John Sweeney defending the Russian banks he is lobbying for because of sanctions placed on the government and businesses supporting the government actions in Crimea, would he feel the same way if he was not getting paid $62,500 per month?Would he lobby or protest out of righteousness, or does this amount of money persuade his consciousness to believe that the Russian bank changed it ways? Did they change due to sanctions?Sanctions placed on the government and businesses of Russia are placed to deter or change policy, and if they are hurting businesses, perhaps the businesses will lobby their own government to change their ways.Bottom line, I might defend the bank if they paid me $62,500 a month. Wouldn’t you? Amazing how easy it is to buy a former American congressman.Larry PhillipsCobleskill Gazette shows bias in terrorist’s deathOn a day when there should have been a banner headline which read “ISIS terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead,” on Oct. 27, The Gazette chose a headline which read, “Lawmakers back Dyslexia Screenings” instead.Of course, this is nothing new with The Gazette showing its true never-Trump liberal bias. The bias flag flies high over The Gazette.William ThielSchenectadyHonor immigrants, natives with holidaysThe Oct. 14 Gazette reported at length (“More states jettison day paying homage to explorer”) on the Columbus Day holiday becoming increasingly discredited and discontinued. I propose Columbus Day be changed to First Nations Day in honor of the people who lived in each of the 50 states when Europeans first arrived, and their descendants, and that an entirely new Immigrants Day holiday be created.With these changes, we could all enjoy two holidays while honoring those who were here first and those who later arrived (and still do) in search of freedom and opportunity.  While Christopher Columbus remains an important historic figure, the Columbus Day holiday should be abandoned due to the vast evidence that Columbus and his men launched and participated in mass slaughters and genocides.Immigrants Day could be celebrated on the birthday of an Italian immigrant to the United States, perhaps a woman, to soften the blow of discontinuing Columbus Day. Immigrants deserve recognition with a national holiday because most of us are the descendants of immigrants. Immigrants and their descendants have contributed immensely to the success of the United States over the centuries and I am certain we will continue to do so.We should also not forget that many people arrived in North America in chains from Africa and they and their descendants also greatly enrich the United States.  Tom EllisAlbanyUnsafe practices catch up to peopleAt various times during my career at GE, I was responsible for safety on construction and industrial projects.In the photo of Civic Landscaping and Solar Installation workers in the Oct. 24 Gazette (“Solar farm work underway”), two of the three workers on ladders were unsafe.One had one foot on the ladder and one foot on the solar structure. Another had two feet on the ladder but was leaning way over to reach the solar support.I suppose neither worker was injured on that day. The nature of unsafe acts is that doing them over and over increases the chance that you may get hurt.The same applies to standing on a chair or table to reach up high in your home or office. You can do it over and over, but each time, there is a chance that the chair or table could collapse under you.Like the lottery slogan says: Hey, You Never Know.Mike RozdolskiGuilderlandMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18last_img read more

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first_img“Gasunie is already working hard to accelerate the energy transition, including several hydrogen pilots on land, and have the necessary knowledge and experience with electrolysis in-house,” Lex de Groot, Managing Director of Neptune Energy in the Netherlands, said. The PosHYdon pilot is an initiative of Nexstep, the Dutch association for decommissioning and reuse, and TNO, the Dutch organisation for applied scientific research, in collaboration with the industry. The PosHYdon pilot project will involve the installation of a hydrogen-producing plant on the Neptune-operated Q13a platform. Han Fennema, CEO of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, said: “The Netherlands is in a strong position to lead the transition to a hydrogen economy. We have the North Sea for the production of wind and gas, the ports as logistics hubs, the industrial clusters that want to switch to green molecules and excellent infrastructure for transport and storage.” The Q13a platform. Source: Neptune Energy The Q13a is the first fully electrified platform in the Dutch North Sea, located approximately 13 kilometres off the coast of Scheveningen. Dutch energy infrastructure company Gasunie has joined the PosHYdon pilot, a project that aims to integrate three energy systems in the Dutch North Sea: offshore wind, offshore gas, and offshore hydrogen.center_img Other companies involved in the project include Neptune Energy, TAQA, EBN B.V., NAM, NOGAT B.V., and Noordgastransport B.V. Electricity generated by offshore wind turbines will be used to power the hydrogen plant on the Q13a platform, converting seawater into demineralized water, then into hydrogen via electrolysis. The aim of the pilot is to gain experience in integrating working energy systems at sea and the production of hydrogen in an offshore environment, Neptune Energy said. ”The wind energy can be used to generate hydrogen, then transport onshore along with natural gas via the existing large pipelines of NOGAT and Noordgastransport for customers in industry, the transport sector and for Dutch homes. PosHYdon is key to accelerating this,” de Groot said. De Groot pointed out that the Netherlands is in a special position due to its extensive gas infrastructure network and the abundance of wind in the Dutch North Sea. “Now these two worlds onshore and offshore are literally connected in terms of infrastructure. The pipelines and infrastructure at sea of ​​NOGAT and Noordgastransport are already suitable for hydrogen and that is good news as offshore production will continue to be crucial to meet Dutch energy demand.”last_img read more

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first_imgThe best B&H tennis player, Damir Džumhur, won the ATP Challenger in Alphen thanks to a final set victory over a Netherlander Igor Sijsling to 2:1.Džumhur gained the victory easier than expected, when he defeated the home tennis player who has four victories at the ATP Challenger and who is worth 42.500 EUR.In half an hour game only, Džumhur had no trouble winning the first set. The home player won only one gem.Sijsling had a better start in the second set having a lead to 1:0, but Džumhur immediately hit back and tied the result. Unfortunately, Sijsling had a better game in a continuance winning the second set to 6:2.With a great game in the third set, which was the final one, Džumhur completely outplayed Sijsling and provided one more title at the ATP Challenger, which is the fifth in his career.ATP Challenger in Alphen, the finals: (Source:klix.ba) Damir Džumhur- Igor Sijsling 2:1 (6:1, 2:6, 6:1)last_img read more

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first_imgLos Molinos >> Six Los Molinos Lady Bulldogs players and one Mercy Warriors player have been named to the Five Star League All League volleyball team, which was announced Wednesday.Los Molinos’ Rachel Rogers and Liset Castillo were named MVPs of the league and coach Chas Konopka was named Coach of the Year.“Really good players that listen and want to learn make a coach look good,” Konopka said.Henna Acevedo, Heather Rodriguez, Kendall Williams and Sugey Cota also were named to the team from …last_img read more

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first_imgRisk of incidence and recurrence of colon cancer appears to be reduced with exercise, according to a report by the American Society of Clinical Oncology reported in EurekAlert.  Data now supports what was once just a good idea.Make exercise a part of your routine.  Your body needs it in more ways than one.  This is the best time of year for outdoor strolls, where you can improve both mental and physical health.(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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first_imgThis fortnight Touch Football Australia’s (TFA) official footwear sponsor, X-Blades, will be promoting a great Christmas deal through the TFA website and newsletter.  X-Blades has exclusive online Christmas Gift Packs, with savings of up to 50 percent off.There are 12 different packs to choose from – for Men, Women and children, and for TFA members, X-Blades is offering free postage on all Christmas packs. To take advantage of this deal, please visit the X-Blades online shop and enter the code ‘TFAXM’ at the checkout. To visit the X-Blades online shop, please click on the following link: www.bladesfootball.com.au/shop Stay tuned to the TFA website for more great promotions from X-Blades. Related LinksX-Blades Promotionlast_img read more

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first_imgHouston walk on scholarships awarded at team film session.YouTube/UHAthleticsWe can’t get enough of videos of college football walk-ons getting awarded scholarships. The life of a walk-on can be pretty thankless at times, especially when players have to balance schoolwork and all of the rigors of Division I athletics, without the benefit of a scholarship. A full ride can be life-changing for walk-ons and their families, and these videos always show how important those guys are to their teammates.On Wednesday, Houston head coach Tom Herman awarded two walk-ons—senior tight end Hayden Daniels and senior cornerback Tyler White—with scholarships for their final years. Herman was a bit tricky about it, opening by getting on the walk-ons who hadn’t yet had holds lifted by the university, chastising the group for a lack of “urgency,” before surprising the pair with their full rides. Daniels appeared in four games for the Cougars last year, while White played in all 13 games, registering 12 total tackles and fielding a crucial onside kick that helped spark Houston’s 35-34 comeback win over Pittsburgh in the Armed Forces Bowl.last_img read more

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first_img The seminars to be carried out island wide from August 16 to 22 under the theme, “Retire is a process, not an event – Be prepared” Aimed at encouraging persons in the informal sector, to start planning for their retirement while working The Ministry of Labour and Social Security through the National Council for Senior Citizens officially launched its second annual series of retirement planning seminars at the Cardiff Hall Hotel in Runaway Bay, St. Ann on Thursday, August 15.The seminars to be carried out island wide from August 16 to 22 under the theme, “Retire is a process, not an event – Be prepared” are aimed at encouraging persons in the informal sector, to start planning for their retirement while working.It is expected that persons within the target group of 18 to 55 years will be educated during the seminars, to set and achieve realistic goals and objectives for the future.Addressing participants, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, said that the seminars “represent the kind of conversations that the Ministry must continue to have with the society, if both the government and its social protection agencies are to remain relevant and effective in advancing the goals of nation-building’.He stressed that, “failing to plan for retirement is perhaps the biggest mistake any citizen of this country can make …with proper planning, the thousands of Jamaicans entering, passing through or having completed midlife, can look forward to a life of material and emotional stability”.Pointing to a study which was undertaken by the Mona Aging and Wellness Centre in 2012 entitled: ‘Aging in Jamaica today and the implications over a one year period’, Minister Kellier said it was discovered that globally persons 60 years and older represent eight per cent of the world’s population in 1950 and jumped to 10 per cent in 2000. This figure is projected to soar to 21 per cent by 2050.He further noted that the study indicated that in Jamaica, in particular, senior citizens now constitute some 11.3 per cent of the population and this is projected to rise to 25 per cent by 2050.“In addition to resulting factors from the above studies, we also need to recognize we are also living longer, which means that many of us will also have a longer period of retirement. Consequently, the issue of how to retire successfully need not delude us and have never been more pressing as the ‘baby boom’ generation evolves into the ‘retirement boom’ generation,” Mr. Kellier observed.He noted that many employees are starting to focus on the possible benefits of staying at work longer.“The seminars are to help Jamaicans facing retirement to ultimately plan for a rewarding, productive and emotionally fulfilling life,” Minister Kellier told participants. Story Highlights It is expected that persons within the target group of 18 to 55 yearslast_img read more

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first_imgAPTN National NewsJoe McLeod is an elderly Winnipeg First Nations man who was jailed last year after Winnipeg police charged him with assault.McLeod had pushed his wife, but didn’t realize it because he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.After spending nearly a month behind bars, and amid public outcry, McLeod was released from jail and placed in a personal care home.On Monday, McLeod was charged with aggravated assault for allegedly pushing a fellow resident at the care home.The man was taken to hospital in critical condition and died Tuesday.It remains unclear whether McLeod will face an upgraded charge.last_img read more

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first_imgNEW YORK — Small business owners may want to save for retirement but are anxious about diverting money away from their companies. But many owners have found ways to invest in themselves as well as their businesses.Some tips about saving from owners and financial advisers:— Saving for retirement can be easier if an owner creates a concrete plan and timeline to do it. Thea Ducrow, who is building a new advisory business after being an organizational consultant for more than 20 years, needs to focus for now on marketing her new Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based company. But, she says, “My goal is to begin saving for retirement again by the end of the first quarter of 2019.”Nathan Fisher, senior executive vice-president of Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions, suggests owners ask themselves how much they want to save each year for the next few years.— Owners who don’t think they have money for savings may find it by looking for ways to reduce expenses and increase revenue. Ducrow says her pricing strategy is not to set her fees too low — that gives her the income that she can set aside. Shamila Nduriri, owner of Las Vegas-based jewelry company Dalasini, decided to open a business with high margins because it would give her more flexibility to save.— Business owners who expect to sell their companies to fund their retirement need to think now about whether they’ll be able to find a buyer or get the sales price they’re hoping for, says David O’Brien, a financial adviser with Revolution Advisors. For example, if the owner is the company’s biggest asset, it may not bring the price an owner hopes for unless the owner brings in or promotes employees who can keep the business going.— Owners still have time to set up retirement accounts for themselves and employees and get tax breaks for this year. Simplified Employee Pension, or SEP, plans can be set up well into 2019 and still qualify for a 2018 deduction. Information is available in IRS Publication 560, Retirement Plans for Small Business; owners can find it on the IRS website, www.irs.gov ._____For more small business news, insights and inspiration, sign up for our free weekly newsletter here: http://discover.ap.org/ssb_____Follow Joyce Rosenberg at www.twitter.com/JoyceMRosenberg . Her work can be found here: https://apnews.com/search/joyce%20rosenbergJoyce M. Rosenberg, The Associated Presslast_img read more