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Ivica Zubac00002020-1.9+2.30.4 Paul George014022036+2.9+1.54.4 PLAYERPGSGSFPFCTOTALOFF. +/-DEF. +/-TOT. +/- Jerome Robinson021003-0.4-0.9-1.3 Mfiondu Kabengele000459-2.4+0.4-2.0 Maurice Harkless00711018-0.8+1.30.5 Expected wins:59.0 9Thunder+1.1+2.2+3.149.51587 Kawhi’s Clippers should be among the West’s bestProjected full-strength regular-season depth chart for the 2019-20 Los Angeles Clippers, based on CARMELO plus/minus ratings Jerome Robinson0460010-0.4-0.9-1.3 Lou Williams12900021+2.4-3.3-0.9 Montrezl Harrell00032427+0.7+0.61.3 The new-look Philadelphia 76ers check in as the league’s most talented team, though the Houston Rockets (remember them?) aren’t far behind — assuming they aren’t torpedoed by their reported chemistry problems. The Clippers are firmly in the next tier of teams, those projected for roughly between 52 and 55 wins of talent, a group that also includes the Lakers, Warriors (remember them?), Bucks, Nuggets and Jazz.There are also reasons to think that the numbers above are underrating the Clippers’ true power.We’ll put aside questions about whether Los Angeles will really have a barely average defense — the metrics have disagreed with the eye test for years about the quality of Kawhi’s D — and instead focus on what might make these Clippers more formidable in the playoffs. For starters, we’ve added a new feature to CARMELO that accounts for players who routinely improve in the playoffs, and Leonard’s rating gets a major shot in the arm in that regard. Plus, many of the low-rated Clippers in the depth chart above see their minutes fall off in our playoff projection, rewarding L.A. more than most for having an extremely solid top seven in their rotation. Check out how many of their poorly rated players (in pink) see a major drop-off in minutes for the team’s full-strength playoff depth chart: Rodney McGruder6230011-1.1-1.2-2.3 Team total Team total 8Jazz+1.4+3.0+4.352.31615 Landry Shamet02090029+2.0-1.50.6 Rodney McGruder11400015-1.1-1.2-2.3 176ers+2.5+5.2+7.660.01700 Landry Shamet01690025+2.1-1.50.6 Ivica Zubac00002121-1.9+2.30.4 CARMELO’s way-too-early 2020 regular-season rankingsFull-strength regular-season rankings for the Top 10 2019-20 NBA teams according to FiveThirtyEight’s CARMELO player projections and current depth charts 240+6.4+1.07.4 7Nuggets+3.9+0.6+4.552.61618 Patrick Beverley25000025+0.7+0.31.0 3Lakers+1.8+3.6+5.554.91643 10Pelicans-0.1+2.7+2.648.01572 6Clippers+4.6+0.6+5.354.21635 Terance Mann014005-1.7-0.6-2.3 4Warriors+2.7+2.6+5.354.51639 Dear NBA Diary,Well, so much for the speculation that Kawhi Leonard would join the Los Angeles Lakers (or stay with the Toronto Raptors). After the Los Angeles Clippers stunned the NBA by signing Leonard and trading a massive haul of picks for Paul George, everybody is still trying to figure out exactly what just happened to the NBA in the wee hours of Saturday morning.For starters, the Clippers vaulted themselves into the championship conversation thanks to the superstar combination of Leonard and George, plus the solid group of complementary players L.A. mostly retained around them. Here’s what our CARMELO projections (and depth-chart algorithm) think of their full-strength regular-season roster: EXPECTED MINUTES PER GAMEPLAYER RATING Montrezl Harrell00012223+0.8+0.71.4 Team ratings have not yet been rescaled to account for an average offensive and defensive rating of 0.0. Lou Williams17700024+2.3-3.4-1.1 The better Clippers should play a lot more in the playoffsProjected full-strength playoff depth chart for the 2019-20 Los Angeles Clippers, based on CARMELO plus/minus ratings Paul George017915041+2.9+1.54.4 CARMELO thinks the Clippers will go from giving 60 of their 240 minutes per game to negative (below-average) players during the regular season to 42 during the playoffs, which means the Clippers will be rolling out at least four above-average players most of the time in the games that matter the most.That still isn’t enough to make them West favorites in the system’s eyes, but the Clippers are now solidly in the discussion — and give or take a few moments of peak Lob City hype, that hasn’t been true for this franchise basically ever before. Patrick Beverley25000025+0.6+0.30.9 240+4.6+0.65.3 That projected CARMELO rating of 1635 would be good for about 54 wins per 82 games, and it ranks sixth in the NBA. On the one hand, that’s a huge improvement over last season, when the Clippers finished with a 1496 CARMELO that ranked 17th in the league. Then again, it also might sound underwhelming compared with early reports that Vegas bookmakers had shifted their odds to make the Clippers 2020 NBA championship favorites.But in terms of regular-season projections (using full-strength rosters),1But excluding players such as Kevin Durant who are known to be injured for all or most of the 2019-20 regular season. things are just very wide-open at the top of the league right now: 2Rockets+5.5+2.2+7.859.81698 Expected wins:54.2 CARMELO team rating:1688 Terance Mann000000-1.7-0.6-2.3 PLAYERPGSGSFPFCTOTALOFF. +/-DEF. +/-TOT. +/- 5Bucks+2.1+3.2+5.354.51638 EXPECTED MINUTES PER GAMEPLAYER RATING Keep track of the chaotic NBA offseason with our Free Agency Diary. Kawhi Leonard002210032+2.7+0.43.2 Mfiondu Kabengele000044-2.4+0.4-2.0 Kawhi Leonard002413037+3.2+0.94.0 RkTeamOFF. +/-DEF. +/-TOTal +/-Exp. WinsCARMELO Maurice Harkless00217019-0.9+1.20.3 CARMELO team rating:1635 read more

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first_img © 2013 Phys.org Citation: Nebula One steps forth as world’s first cloud computer (2013, April 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2013-04-nebula-world-cloud.html More information: Site: www.nebula.com/Nebula One: www.nebula.com/nebula-onePress release: nebula-static.s3.amazonaws.com … ch_press_release.pdf (Phys.org) —Nebula has announced its first product, Nebula One. The new entry is defined in a promotional video (with symphonic, celestial music and a British voiceover for gravitas) as the world’s first cloud computer. The product combines a hardware controller integrated with software for an all in one storage, compute, and networked services system. To hear Nebula’s team describe it, the Nebula One is a product that can reinvent cloud computing. Explore further The fundamental selling point of Nebula One is that it will make private clouds easier to operate. The goal underlying development of the new product has been to make a private cloud system something that the business user can plug in and turn on, achieving, at log-in, an availability of computing resources on demand. “Previous cloud solutions often required users to put in hours of work to provision and maintain their computing environment. The Nebula One private cloud system frees the organization to focus on applications instead of infrastructure,” according to Nebula’s team.last_img read more