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first_img November 12, 2020 Find out more Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono denied bail Help by sharing this information RSF_en ZimbabweAfrica April 5, 2007 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Freelance cameraman found dead two days after being kidnapped outside home News to go further Follow the news on Zimbabwe Reporters Without Borders called today for an independent investigation into the death of freelance cameraman Edward Chikomba, a former employee of the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH), who was found dead on 31 March, two days after being kidnapped in Harare by men suspected of being members of the intelligence services.“We are utterly dismayed by this murder, which comes at a critical time for independent journalists because, after years of harassment, they are now being subjected to extreme violence,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This appalling crime must not go unpunished,” the press freedom organisation continued. “As the police do not have the required credibility to conduct a serious investigation, we call on those presidents who still maintain a dialogue with President Robert Mugabe to make him realise that it would be inexplicable and dangerous if those who are responsible for Chikomba’s death are not clearly identified and punished. Only an independent third party is capable of establishing the facts in Zimbabwe today.”Chikomba, who also ran a stall outside his home in the working-class suburb of Glen View, was kidnapped by four men, who stopped and initially asked if they could buy some beverages. Forced at gunpoint to get into their white 4WD vehicle, he was found dead at Darwendale (60 km west of Harare) on 31 March. Since then, his body has been at the morgue in Chinhoyi, 115 km west of the capital.The Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (the leading organisation of its kind in Zimbabwe) quoted one of his relatives as saying he tried to pull Chikomba back as he was being bundled into the vehicle, but the abductors hit him with the butts of their guns. The relative said the vehicle was found at Mapinga, near Banket (80 km west of Harare).One of Chikomba’s former colleagues said Chikomba was accused of providing the international media with video footage showing opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai with his face badly swollen after being beaten while in custody. The same source said Chikomba was a supporter of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).A Harare-based journalist told Reporters Without Borders: “He was undoubtedly targeted because he was known as a cameraman.” After leaving the production team of “Vision 30,” a programme broadcast by ZBH until 2001, Chikomba continued to work as a freelance cameraman for individuals or news organisations.Footage of Tsvangirai with his battered face as he left a courthouse to go to hospital was shot by several news media including Mighty Movies Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, a leading Zimbabwean production company that provided its footage to foreign TV stations and news agencies.Many opposition members, human rights activists and journalists have been arrested by the intelligence services in similar circumstances in recent weeks. Gift Phiri, a contributor to the London-based weekly The Zimbabwean, has been held since 1 April on a charge of practising journalism illegally.Luke Tamborinyoka, the former editor of the now-defunct Daily News, was hospitalised on the orders of a Harare court on 30 March after losing consciousness during his trial. He had been badly injured as a result of mistreatment while in police custody following his arrest along with 34 activists during a police raid on MDC headquarters on 28 March. Receive email alerts News Reports The 2020 pandemic has challenged press freedom in Africa November 27, 2020 Find out more ZimbabweAfrica Reporters Without Borders called today for an independent investigation into the death of freelance cameraman Edward Chikomba, a former employee of the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBH), who was found dead on 31 March, two days after being kidnapped in Harare by men suspected of being members of the intelligence services. Organisation News Zimbabwean court must free imprisoned journalist who is unwell September 1, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

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first_imgGrade Syracuse’s performance in its loss to LouisvilleABCDFVoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comGrade Syracuse's performance in its loss to Louisville Published on February 17, 2016 at 8:51 pm Facebook Twitter Google+center_img Comments AdvertisementThis is placeholder textlast_img

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first_imgMalaysian crash investigators have now concluded that MH370 with 239 passengers and crew was hijacked last Saturday March 8.More details will follow shortly from a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.Both passengers and crew are under investigation according to Malaysia’s Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein.In the latest twist it appears that the plane’s ACARS and transponders were shutdown at different times.ACARS, which sends limited data related to the plane’s engines and systems stopped operating at 1.07am and the transponders which send location and identity to air traffic control stopped at around 1.21am.The systems could have been shut down manually or may be part of a wider electrical failure. However they cannot be accidently shutdown and require knowledge of the 777 cockpit and systems to be turned off.While the ACARS was shut down the US military believes that they may have an “indication” that MH370 went down in the Indian Ocean near the Andaman Islands and have dispatched a ship to investigate.This relates to an hourly interrogation of the plane’s satellite transmitting antenna associated with the 777’s Health Management program. Apparently signals were received during the next four of five hourly checks. Inmarsat describes the signals as “routine” and “automated”. The information was passed to the airline.According to a report from ABC News, American military forces were moving the USS Kidd to the area to begin the search.White House press secretary Jay Carney acknowledged Thursday US time that there are yet-to-be conclusive claims about the plane being much further west off course than initially believed.“There are a number of possible scenarios that are being investigated as to what happened to the flight, and we are not in a position at this point to make conclusions about what happened, unfortunately,” Mr Carney said.When questioned about the “indication” regarding the Indian Ocean, Mr Carney said that the White House is “looking at information, pursuing possible leads [and] working within the investigation being led by the Malaysian government, and it is my understanding that one possible piece of information — or collection of pieces of information — has led to the possibility that a new area, a search area, may be opened in the Indian Ocean.”Indian aircraft are combing the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, made up of more than 500 mostly uninhabited islands, for signs of the missing plane.The search for MH370 has expanded dramatically in the past week and is now the largest search in aviation history.Satellite images released by China on Thursday that showed wreckage have been found to be false.The search for MH370 has been dogged by conflicting information and false leads drawing accusations that Malaysia has bungled the response.However, many of the false leads originated elsewhere.In all, 56 surface ships with 10 shipboard helicopters and 48 fixed-wing aircraft from 14 countries searching waters mainly between Malaysia and Vietnam.The engine fitted to flight MH370 was the subject of a directive from Europe’s aviation safety regulator which last month that warned of “fire related” failures if it wasn’t fixed.The European Aviation Safety Agency issued an airworthiness directive to airlines on February 4 relating to Rolls Royce Tent 800 engines, the model used on MH370.It told airlines to install software that would prevent one of the engine’s turbines going into an over speed (too fast) condition and warned of “fire related failure modes.”“This condition, if not corrected, could lead to uncontained multiple turbine blade failures” or far worse a “turbine disc burst, possibly resulting in damage to, and reduced control of, the aeroplane,” the directive said.The software fix was supposed to be installed within 14 days of the directive. It is unclear whether the engine on MH370 had been fixed by the time the plane left Kuala Lumpur on Friday night.Reports on Wednesday that Boeing 777s had been the subject of a separate service bulletin last year did not relate to MH370.Boeing issued service bulletins relating to 777s having cracks underneath the satellite communication antenna adapter on the top of the fuselage.But MH370 did not have the particular SATCOM antenna adapter and was not impacted by the AD.last_img read more

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first_img•Many Geocoins are meant to be admired and “Discovered,” while others are meant to travel. •Don’t forget to activate your Geocoin. And if you’re just not into reading anymore right now, check out this vintage Geocaching video about the history of the Geocoin. Happy Birthday, Geocoins!Share with your Friends:More There’s a magnetism to Geocaching Geocoins: the weight, the metallic shimmer and how each Geocoin is a message forged in metal. Some celebrate milestones like First to Find or 100 Finds, and some are just cool, like an eagle whose wings actually flap (fly eagle, fly!).12 years ago on September 30, 2001, Geocoins came into existence with a solid clunk in a geocache. Today more than 3 million Geocoins are proudly displayed in collections and found in geocaches around the world. There are even Geocoinfest Mega-Events held in Europe and the United States each year.If you’re entering the realm of Geocoins, here are a few quick tips:center_img •Find out more about Geocoins in this FAQ and on the How to use a Geocoin page. SharePrint RelatedGeocaching Shop Elves holiday gift guide!November 30, 2017In “Community”Geocoinfest 2011 – Europa: Travels with the World’s First GeocoinSeptember 14, 2011In “Community”The Lackey Geocoin: An Unexpected 26,000-mile, 5-Year JourneyJanuary 21, 2015In “Community”last_img read more

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first_imgShare with your Friends:More Some trackables have goals to travel the world, and others, like Smokey Bear’s, are a little different. Smokey Bear trackables help educate and spread awareness about wildfire prevention to the geocachers who interact with them. From April to August 2019, geocachers celebrated Smokey Bear’s 75th Birthday by sharing their stories and experiences through geocaching logs and on social using #SmokeyBear75. Although the campaign has ended, you can still continue to preserve our lands, one piece of the geocaching game board at a time, by continuing to move and interact with the Smokey Bear trackables.During the trackable promotion, geocachers shared their experiences with logs on geocaching.com and the Geocaching® app. Here’s a snapshot of some highlights from the over 19,000 Smokey Bear 75 trackable logs. SharePrint RelatedHappy Birthday and Happy GeoTour, Smokey Bear!July 2, 2019In “Community”Find Smokey Bear trackables and help prevent wildfires!April 16, 2019In “Trackable Promotions”Become Trackable on Geocaching.com – Tattoos to Travel BugsSeptember 13, 2011In “Community”last_img read more

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first_img“Teens don’t tweet.” Over the past few weeks, this fact has been reported time and time again by analysts, bloggers, and even mainstream media. Why the obsession with the teenage crowd on Twitter? Perhaps it’s simply because adults can’t believe that they, not teens, for once are responsible for the birth of an Internet phenomenon. But before all you adults get too comfortable with your Twitter dominance, take a look at the recent data from comScore. It appears that the youngest Twitter users – those in the 12-24 bracket – are now the fastest-growing segment of Twitter’s population. So the kids don’t tweet? Looks like they may start soon if this new data is to be believed.Kids Don’t Use TwitterAccording to a recent article in the New York Times, teens are more likely to use text messaging than Twitter for keeping up with their friends. Today’s teens feel somewhat uncomfortable with the public nature of the communication that takes place on Twitter, and, besides, they just don’t see the point in broadcasting what they’re doing to the whole world. Yet even without this age group’s participation, Twitter has seen amazing success, proving the point that a new technology does not have to be adopted by this young group of users in order to make it big. Twitter’s Youth Sees GrowthAlthough Twitter didn’t attract teens at the outset, that could still change. In fact, it looks like that change may already be underway. A newly released chart from comScore breaks down the age groups of Twitter users and plots each group’s growth over time, relative to audience. The most surprising revelation from this chart is the steep incline seen in the age group 12-24. Over the past few months, this group’s participation levels have been increasing dramatically. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Tags:#Features#NYT#Trends#twitter#web sarah perez In reading the chart, a score of “100” means that the age group on Twitter is represented in perfect proportion to how much that age group uses the rest of the Internet as a whole. Go over 100 and that means the age group is represented more heavily on Twitter than they are represented on the rest of the web. In July, those aged 12-24 scored a “121” – a score that was only in the mid-70s a mere six months ago. Statistics Can be MisleadingBut wait – a quick glance at these statistics can be misleading. At first, it appears that the chart simply shows the increasing participation levels of teens (and young adults) on Twitter. While that may be true, it’s important to note that the actualnumber of younger users on Twitter is still much lower than those of their adult counterparts. In fact, the New York Times recently reported that only 11% of Twitter users are aged 12 to 17, according to comScore. Plus, there’s the fact that the age group 12-24 represents an odd way of breaking up the demographics. Why not 12-18 instead? The way Twitter’s user base is sliced, there’s no way to tell how many users are teens and how many are young adults in their 20s. Finally, the chart is showing audience growth compared to the rest of the Internet as a whole. That’s also an interesting way of charting the demographics of Twitter, to say the least. All that being said, the data seen here is still valuable to some extent. It’s interesting to see this market segment’s growth, even if it’s sliced and diced in this odd way. But does this mean that teens are going to start tweeting sometime soon? Let us know what you think in the comments. Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

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first_imgThe Perks: More Storage And Better Security For users, the Mega message is less clear. Whether they were using Megaupload for piracy or legitimate file sharing, the site’s users have had to move on to other means of transferring bits across the Internet. For some, that means services like Dropbox while others moved to Megaupload-esque solutions like Rapidshare and Mediafire, both of which have made changes to their functionality and public posture since the Megaupload raid. Where ever they went, Dotcom is hoping to lure those users back with tightened security and ample storage space. On the surface, Mega’s offering is pretty tempting. While Dropbox and Box.net limit free users to 2GB to 5GB of storage, Mega lets you pile up 50GB worth of data before asking you to pay. The premium subscriptions start at 500GB for $10 per month and go up to 4TB for $30 a month. Given History, Is It Worth It?Sure, Mega is also much more secure than its predecessor, using super-tight asymmetric encryption to keep data secure and out of view from curious governments and other third parties. But no matter how good it is, do you really want to store your valuable data on a service tied to Kim Dotcom? When you sign up for Mega, it’s hard not to think about what happened to the founder’s last filesharing product. You can’t help but picture the armed raid and simultaneous seizure of Megaupload’s servers.  Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… john paul titlow Tags:#filesharing#Kim Dotcom#megaupload#piracy#security A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts center_img In an over-the-top press event at his New Zealand mansion last weekend, the notorious Kim Dotcom unveiled a new cloud storage service called Mega. From the ashes of his now-defunct Megaupload, which was shut down by U.S authorities exactly one year ago, rises a service that promises to be incredibly secure and better at handling copyright complaints.But will users flock to it? More to the point, should you use it?On a personal level, Mega is a big win for Kim Dotcom. With it, he shows the world that the military-style raid on his mansion one year ago (which was theatrically mimicked during the Mega launch event) did not succeed in bringing him down, even as he faces criminal charges over Megaupload’s alleged involvement in copyright infringement.  It’s also hard not to think about Kyle Goodwin. He’s the Ohio-based high school sports broadcaster who was using Megaupload to transfer video files between himself and the video editors he had hired to help produce his broadcasts. After one of his external hard drives was damaged, Goodwin tried logging into his Megaupload account to retrieve his old files. By then, the FBI had already seized the servers, locking Goodwin and plenty of other users out of their data. He has since been involved in a class action lawsuit demanding that authorities give non-infringing users access to their Megaupload data.  How likely is a shutdown of Mega? Thanks to the way the service was built and the lessons learned from the demise of Megaupload, probably pretty remote. But for some users, it’s going to be tough to swallow the idea of trusting a service that is so intrinsically linked with the subject of a major, ongoing criminal prosecution. Other than the color scheme, the Mega interface isn’t all that different from that of Megaupload. Even the logo’s typography is the same: It looks like they just lobbed off the “upload” and changed the color. It just feels a lot like a site with which many people are familiar, but which has been replaced with an FBI anti-piracy warning message. Potential Security HolesPlus, as big of an improvement as Mega may be when it comes to privacy and security, it’s not perfect. In a detailed analysis of Mega’s security, Ars Technica pointed out that the JavaScript-based method of randomly generating numbers for the encryption keys isn’t the most rock-solid option available. “The end result of this is that it is easier (not easy, but easier) to reverse-engineer a Mega user’s private RSA key than it should be,” writes Lee Hutchinson. “That means it’s easier to spoof the identity of a Mega user when sending messages or files.”The site has other limitations as well. For one, it’s very insistent that people use Chrome to access Mega, due to its advanced implementation of HTML5 features. Not even the latest versions of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari will suffice. Despite this strict adherence to the latest in Web standards, Mega still relies on Flash for some tasks, like downloading files. That means it won’t work on iOS devices until Mega submits official apps, which Apple may or may not approve. What does that all add up to? For users like Kyle Goodwin, who have a day-to-day need to rely heavily on cloud-based file storage for critical data, Mega remains a bit of a gamble. But for sharing miscellaneous, backed-up files here and there, there’s little reason to not give it a try. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

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first_imgNetherlands’ Arjen Robben goes down to win a penalty during their round of 16 tie against Mexico Arjen Robben did little to defuse the debate about his reputation for diving.The Netherlands winger earned an injury-time penalty Sunday and then watched as teammate Klaas Jan Huntelaar converted from the spot to give the Dutch a come-from-behind 2-1 victory over Mexico in the second round of the World Cup.Robben collapsed theatrically under a challenge from Rafael Marquez, causing emotional Mexico coach Miguel Herrera to blame his team’s loss on referee Pedro Proenca.”We ended up losing because he whistled a penalty that did not exist,” he said, adding that Robben “dived three times. The referee should have cautioned him.”Throughout his career, Robben has had a reputation for frequently falling and looking for a penalty or free kick.But the 30-year-old Bayern Munich star appears to have matured. In recent seasons, it has been his scintillating form rather than theatrical falls that have grabbed headlines.He set up a goal and scored the winner in Bayern Munich’s 2013 Champions League final win and has been in the form of his life in Brazil, scoring three times and providing an inch-perfect assist for a Memphis Depay goal in the three Dutch victories in Group B.In Fortaleza’s Arena Castelao he appeared to be unlucky not to have won a penalty shortly before half time, when Mexico defenders Marquez and Hector Moreno raced back to tackle him after he linked up with Robin van Persie in a fast break.advertisement”If that wasn’t a penalty, I don’t know what is,” Robben said.But he conceded that he had taken one dive earlier in the first half that the referee waved off.”I have to say, in the first half – and right away offer my excuses – I dived. I mustn’t do that. It was another stupid action,” he told Dutch broadcaster NOS.Mexico captain Marquez told reporters that Robben conceded he had dived in injury time too – though Robben did not say that on Dutch TV.”I spoke with him (Robben) after the match and he told me that it was not a penalty,” Marquez said. “He said that the first foul was a penalty and that one was not called.”Whatever the debate, one thing is clear – the Netherlands is through to the quarterfinals thanks to the penalty Robben won.last_img read more

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first_img KUSI Newsroom January 5, 2018 The Dow Jones Industrial average cracked the 25,000 mark for the first time ever.It comes barely a month after the Dow hit 24,000 points.KUSI was joined by Brent Wilsey, President of Wilsey Asset Management, with more on what this means for investors and the net worth of Americans. Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: Economy FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Impact of Dow Jones Industrial average cracking 25,000 points Posted: January 5, 2018last_img read more